3 Ways Social Media Has Paved The Way In How Millennials Receive News

Nowadays, news is everywhere - even if you don't realize when you're viewing it. Whether, for example, it's from CNN's official Twitter account, Mashable's Snapchat Discovery page (which is amazing, by the way), or even an independent sports page on Instagram that broadcasts news through art! One similarity these have in common are they are all via new media and technology. It is through this way, that this common trend of new technology has revolutionized the way in which millennials receive their news and information.

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4 Simple Steps To Grow Your Twitter Account while on a Budget

Why Twitter?

Growing a large, strong, and organic twitter account can be very expensive. If you have a big budget, you can contact established twitter accounts for promotional retweets and shoutouts. But, there are also alternatives to expanding your network without exceeding your budget.

I currently manage a twitter account that has over 200,000 organic followers. That may seem like a lot of followers but, I like to pay attention to the engagements and how I gained the followers. The account is used to update my crowd with new music updates. Below is a picture of some of my past analytics for January 2016.

7 Steps to Take Before changing Majors at Ohio University

Many students change their majors at least once before graduating from college. With Ohio University offering over 250 programs of study, undergraduates have a lot of options to choose from. No wonder approximately 80% of undergraduates in the United States change his or her major at least one time before graduating from college.

Deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life is intimidating and often stressful, but don’t you fret. Here are some helpful tips for you if you’re with the percentage of students who change his or her mind.


 1. Talk to an advise

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Four Reasons Playing a College Sport will Land You a Job

How nervous do you get when you’re about to enter an interview? Are you unsure of what to say to the recruiter? The market is incredibly competitive and standing out can be a challenge. But, as it turns out, playing a sport as a collegiate athlete will make a huge impact on you landing an offer.

The key is to position the skills you’ve learned while playing your respective game into an interview worthy story and knowing what you bring to the table. As a collegiate athlete, you’ve developed many of the
top skills employers are seeking. Now all you need to do is articulate your story with confidence and conviction.

 To aid you in this process, we’ve listed some of the top qualities you’ve developed while playing your sport that will make you a top-candidate for a job in your desired field.

Time Management

It is imperative for employers to know their future employee has the ability to manage time and priorities. In the real world, not being punctual can turn into the loss of your career. The good news for student athletes is that you’ve been learning to manage your time for years. Think about it, you practice your sport 10-15 hours per week, travel to your competitions, attend classes, study for exams and participate in extracurricular activities all while maintaining some type of social life.

 Being able to articulate your time management skills in an interview will be key to landing the job. Be sure to mention the hours you put into everything you do, but emphasize how much passion you have for what you do. This will impress the recruiter; because it’s one thing to be busy and it’s another to actually dedicate yourself to each activity you’re involved with.


Yes, being competitive is a good thing especially when on the career hunt. You never settle for less than your best and expect a lot out of yourself. You push yourself and others around you to rise to the top. This attitude is exactly what employers are seeking in a potential candidate.

Now, when we say to show off your competitive side we don’t mean walk into the interview arrogantly. Prove to the employer your competitive with an experience that demonstrated your ability to persevere and come out on top. For example, being down at the half, but leading your team to a win through a positive attitude.


The ability to work in a team tied for the highest ranked skill employers look for when hiring according to Zip Recruiter. You’ve been working with a team for as long as you have been playing your sport. You know it’s not always easy, but because of it, you’ve learned how to communicate with many different kinds of personalities in a competitive environment.

Think about an experience that demonstrates your ability to work in a team you can tell during your interview. For example, leading a team workout or practice. Make sure you’re results oriented when telling the story, this will be sure to impress the recruiter.


 Athletes are driven. You work hard at your sport to keep progressing to the next level and you never back down. Employers look for this attribute in potential candidates. But, proving you’re driven in a 30-minute interview can be challenging.

The key to proving this abstract skill is with real life proof, and your athletic career has given you that. Talk about how you achieved goals for yourself and team, plus all of the work that went into that. Doing this will pay off in the interview and make you a stand out candidate.

As you can see, playing in college, is sure to help you when applying for jobs and interviewing. The skills you gain are exactly what employers are looking for. Now you can be sure to be confident when entering interviews and know that your athletic experience will transfer over and land you that job.

Now go ahead and start the search! Check out searching for the right job on LinkedIn Find Jobs Now 

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How to be a more environmentally friendly student

When it comes to being sustainable you have to have at least a little knowledge on the topic. The term “environmentally sustainable” can mean a lot of different things to different people but it is defined as “a state in which the demands placed on the environment can be met without reducing its capacity to allow all people to live well, now and in the future.” Being on a college campus we tend to forget how easy it is to help our environment conserving and protecting our natural resources. We should all be a little environmentally friendly making our Ohio University community a better place by taking a few small steps. These steps I will be discussing today include: recycling, practicing conservation, stop littering, use eco friendly bags or paper when grocery shopping instead of plastic and finally, educate others around you about the topic.

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3 Tips For Choosing a Reliable News Source

With the amount of information on the Internet today, it can be difficult to sort through the overload and find credible sources of information. Anybody with access to a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop has the ability to create their own website and post pretty much whatever they would like, regardless if it is factual or not. The purpose of this blog is to help people interested in current events narrow down their news sources and find reliable information.

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Healthy Snack Ideas

Snacking is something that most people do throughout the day. The breakfast you had wasn't substantial enough to hold you over through lunch... You're craving something sweet at midnight... Whatever the reason may be, most people do like to eat between meals, and that's alright. The problem wtih this though is that, most people do not grab healthy foods. That being the case, I began brainstorming some ideas for delicious and healthy options that would be great to have on hand!

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When you first came to college were you overwhelmed and felt like a little fish in a big pond. Stress levels are alarmingly high for college students, not knowing what is coming next and constantly feeling overwhelmed.Colleges have noticed this, and created programs which help students adjust their life by creating teams, learning communities and other programs. One of those programs is club sports, it allows students to not only play a sport they enjoy but also be a part of a team. These sports provide many benefits to the student athlete that help them balance their collegiate life as well as preparing them for life after college. 

Time Management:

Many students struggle balancing their schedules with so many different things going on in their life. Joining a club sport aids you in managing your time wisely as opposed as wasting time during your day. It provides structure that you must follow in order to succeed. You will have set practice time, that you must meet. This will aid students not only in college to help them make better use of their time but also for after college, when you have a job and must balance between work, and other activities after work. This skill will be polished by the time you graduate after you have been playing a club sport for 4 years. You will have ample time to practice this ability throughout your collegiate life, between class, studying, and the large amounts of practice for your club sport. 


Coming into college the adjustment of a college workload overwhelms a lot of students. They are not used to the amount of reading, or being accountable for classes without the professor being over their shoulder. Club athletics provide another way to ensure you stay on task academically. Each sport has a GPA requirement that you must maintain to be able to play. If you don't maintain that GPA you could be suspended and not allowed to play your sport. This will help students immensely, since some kids slack off once they get to college. After college this will help because it will lead to more job opportunities, higher GPA = higher number of job opportunities. That is the biggest take away from playing a club sport in college, it can/will lead to a better job.


Once you land a job, more often than not you will work in a team or part of a team. Playing a sport makes you work together as a team to achieve a goal. This will help you enhance your ability to work in a team and help you prepare for life after college. Sports are a great way to practice this important skill which can lead to a better job after college.


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