3 Alternative Journalism Student Orgs at Ohio University

If you are a journalism or media major, or maybe just a student looking for a organization that caters more towards your needs & interests, there are plenty of options available. Ohio University has around 500+ student organizations, one of which is sure to be focused on your specific interests.

Below are three student organizations that stand out in the Scripps College of Communication for their focus on specific topics, their unique & engaging content, and the standards they hold for high quality. In no particular order, below are three OHIO special-interest student organizations that are exceptional at doing something different.

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5 Things you Didn't Know about Facebook's Privacy Policy

I'm sure everyone has seen that viral Facebook post people have been sharing, trying to protect their content from Facebook and copyright all their information. The reality about sharing this post is that it actually does nothing, you've already agreed to Facebook's privacy policy when you signed up to become a member. Surprisingly, 52% of Americans actually do not know what a privacy policy even is. Even more surprising, 56% of Americans believe that a privacy policy makes sure that each users information is entirely confidential which is just plain untrue. 

A true privacy policy is a set of rules a company has created to determine how it will take users data and use or share it. More often than not, these privacy policies contain fine print and diffcult language that will often leave the users information more public than private.

Some of the information about Facebook's privacy policy may come as a surprise. Here are 5 things you didn't know about Facebook's privacy policy.

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dining halls at Ohio University

You are in your freshman year and you have finally realized that you can no longer sustain on microwave meals, cereal, and those awesome care packages from back home. It’s time that you brave the dining halls. Lucky for you, there are options when it comes to culinary services at Ohio University! And don’t worry, we promise they are not as bad as you may think. Here is a first-hand experience guide on dining halls.


5 Cheapest Spring Break Destinations

Spring break is one of the most revered weeks in a college student's academic year. However, visions of drunkenly gallivanting along pristine white sandy beaches can easily be clouded by the growing hole in your wallet. Lucky for you, we've compiled a list of the best spring break spots taking into consideration various criteria such as price of airfare, accommodations, and dining as well as other factors like tropical weather, bustling nightlife, and substantial relaxation. 

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Late Night Eats: Who rules Court Street after closing time?

We've all been there, the bars close up shop, you're ready to call it a good night out but first; you're hungry!

Salads On the GO

Lettuce Chat:

We've all heard of the freshman fiften or in my case it is the junior five. We all do everything in our power to avoid it, starting off the school year eating as health as we can. Eventually though we get busy! We either skip a meal all together or we grab some sort of fast food. I have consumed more Chipotle in the past month in the probably did all summer long. It's just easy and oh so good. BUT what if we could have a meal that is easy to pack and delicious? SALADS!!! 

Now bare with me, I know you probably think I am crazy for saying that. Most people think of salads to be boring or just too healthy to possibly be good. You might even think people only eat salads when they want to diet. But I am here to tell you that you are WRONG. Salads are so quick and easy to make, easy to pack, and so tasty that you won't even realize that you are eating healthy. So glab your tupperware and less pack a lunch so we can stop being hangry. 

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