Netflix + Chill: Shows to watch with your significant other


When deciding what to stream while you Netflix and Chill, there may be too many options.  With a significant other, there are just some shows that bring you closer than others.  In this post, we will give you some examples of shows that could help bring your night to the next level. 
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Easy workouts & daily drinks: Monday Muscles and Mojitos

Monday's Muscles and Mojitos:

Wake up Bobcats, it's Monday! I know what you are all thinking, "ugh Monday's are the worst." Well, today is your lucky day. Gym & Tonic is here to start your week off right! We will be posting daily workouts that guides you to a special reward...daily drink specials on Court Street! 

Gym & Tonic wants to help students Get fit & Stay fun. Today we will be focusing on waking our bodies up to this dreaded Monday through a full body workout, followed by where to find the best mojito in Athens. 

Here is a quick overview of todays post:

  • Easy Workouts for Monday mornings 
  • Where to find low-cal drinks on Court Street
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Five Ways to Limit Distracting Habits

When it comes to time management, sometimes it is hard to not get distract by everything around you. From checking your social media, browsing the internet, to even just staring at a blank wall, it can be hard to accomplish what you need done. In this blog post, you will learn five ways to limit distracting habits to help stop procrastination.

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Foodie Finds Athens, OH Guide to Eating

So you consider yourself a Foodie, eh? You have that extra special interest in food – including fads, education and culinary tourism. And while living in Athens, Bob Evans & Wendy’s 4 for 4 do not spark your interest whatsoever. So where does one go to satisfy such peculiar foodie desires? Here’s a Foodie Finds guide to eating in Athens, OH.

#Fest | The Ultimate Bobcat Experience


Do you go to a midwest college? Do you like to listen to music and have fun?

Chances are you've either been to the Number Fest, have heard of it, or are considering going. This epic event takes place in Athens, Ohio- home of the Bobcats and the stomping grounds for Ohio University students. #Fest was founded on the concept of college students having fun, partying, listening to their favorite artists and everything that is essential to the ultimate bobcat experience.

So what's it all about?

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Leg lifts and liquor pitchers

It’s leg day today, that means back squats, deadlifts and quads so sore that they feel like noodles, but it’s totally worth it because no one likes chicken legs. For a lot of people leg day is their least favorite day of the week and will look for any excuse to miss the gym that day but there are a few things you should keep in mind that just might leave you loving leg day. Legs are one of the biggest muscles you have so you have to hit them hard in order to reap the benefits that come from doing exercises like squats, deadlifts and lunges. Compound leg movements like deadlifts and squats provide you with a great total body workout that will help get you in shape and seeing results faster. Leg workouts are one of the most effective workouts for college students because of their functional benefits as well as helping you look more aesthetically pleasing. The other big benefit of hitting the gym hard on leg day is that movements like the squat will help you strengthen your other lifts like bench or shoulder press and that’s because leg workouts boost your natural anabolic hormones which translates to increased overall lean muscle mass. After you finish killing it in the gym reward yourself with a trip to Lucky’s Sports Tavern for a 5-dollar liquor pitcher. These 54 oz. plastic cups filled with your favorite mixed drink will not only quench your thirst but won’t break the bank. Now you know what you have to do get out there and be better than you were yesterday. Good luck and have fun!

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