10 Tips to Saving Money During Your Night Out

Posted by Makenzie Dittoe on Nov 9, 2017 2:04:49 PM

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Saving Money is Important!

You are a college student and your money is pretty important. After all, we don't really want to spend every free minute working a part-time job instead of getting "the college experience". All too often we go out and have a great night, only to wake up to our empty bank accounts. Luckily, we have some ways to save money when you go out again because every penny counts. 


Money-Saving Tip #1: Pay with Cash

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Paying with cash allows you to notice exactly how much you are paying per drink, instead of simply putting it on your tab all night. This way you won't be mindlessly dwindling away your bank account, you'll actually be saving money. Here's another little something that could help you out, this way you won't forget to tip! When you leave a tip, you can become the bartenders friend which can get you a nice discount now and then. 


Money-Saving Tip #2: Pregame, Pregame, Pregame 

Drinking BEFORE the bars can help you get a buzz without spending $2.50+ a drink! This will prevent you from needing multiple drinks to get the night started! We tested this one and we were less likely to spend money on drinks at the bar because we were already buzzed! We had a four person group and each of us spent less than $20, that's great news to wake up to!

Side Note: You should NEVER drink and drive so have a DD or call GreenCab to get you to and from the bars safely!


Money-Saving Tip #3: Go to Happy Hour

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Take advantage of the discount drinks offered in bars during their Happy Hour! There’s nothing wrong with enjoying cheap well drinks or discounted beer to save money! Many bars in Athens have varying Happy Hour specials so you never know what you’ll find! 


Money-Saving Tip #4: Stay Far Away From Shots! 

You aren’t getting a lot for your money when you buy a shot, unless it’s a special. Think about your money as "how many beers/mixed drinks can you get with what you're willing to spend" and see how far your money goes with buying shots. The average shot is priced at $4 per shot and that equals out to one, almost two, mixed drinks.


Money-Saving Tip #5: Set a Spending Limit BEFORE You Go Out

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Don’t wait until you get out to decide you are done spending money, pre-commit! Set a limit for yourself before the festivities begin, this way you can consciously make an effort to have a good time with the money you are comfortable spending. Are you worried you won't have enough money to have a good time? There's a simple solution, use tip #2 and pregame your heart out. Whatever you do, DO NOT give in and find yourself stumbling around at the ATM on Court Street at 1am! 


Money-Saving Tip #6: Drink Beer 

Find a beer you like and make it your best friend for a night! Cocktails and wine can cost up to twice as much, drinking money is a precious thing so don’t let it go to waste! Also, beer is typically in Happy Hour deals so you can save even more before the bar busy hours! If Beer isn't your thing, read our blog post "10 Best Drinks on a Dime" for some ideas! (Will create external link once other blog is completed) 


Money-Saving Tip #7: Plan Ahead for Drunk Food 

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Eating before you go out or making sure you have food included in your plan can help account for extra costs. Try things like sharing with friends, making something at home, or finding a BOGO deal! You don’t have to boycott drunk food, just be smart  about ways to save money while getting to enjoy it! 

Money-Saving Tip #8: Buy Drinks in Bulk

No, I don’t mean buy three drinks at a time! Find a buddy and split a pitcher at Jackie O's, or drink it alone and enjoy a bucket, pitcher, or aquarium to save your money! Bars known for those deals are The Pub, Jackie O's, and Lucky's. 


Money-Saving Tip #9:  Have a DD, Cut Transportation Costs! 

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Firstly, you should NEVER drink and drive! Secondly, cut transportation costs by having a DD in your group! Be sure this person knows where everyone needs to go after your night out! You could get a group and have everyone take turns, maybe even let them drive your car as an incentive! 


Money-Saving Tip #10: Give Yourself Something to Do, That isn't Drinking

Find a bar that has more to do than just drink! Maybe go sing karaoke at Smiling Skull, dance at Broney's, or play pool at Lucky's or The OverHang! This will give you a break from spending money while still enjoying your night out! It will probably give you some pretty good pictures to use against your friends later too! If you want an idea of where to go for this experience, read our post, "No More Boring Nights Out". (Will create external Link when blog post is created) 


And That's a Wrap! 

Now, these tips are not one size fits all so try them out and find what works best for you! Sometimes pregaming before you go out can make it a short night, not everyone likes that! Some people find that they enjoy Happy Hour for the deals AND the less populated bars! Also, people find they enjoy saving money with aquariums, pitchers, or buckets! If that's you, download our Drink Dates Calendar to make sure you don't miss a Happy Hour or Special night! What tips did you try and how did it work out for you? Let us know! 


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