3 Exercise Tools for the Dorm: Battle the Freshman 15

Posted by Robby MacAskill on Nov 16, 2017 3:54:50 PM

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What is the Freshman 15?

For young people who are about to embark on their college experience, the freshman 15 seems like a made up myth, or something that would never affect them throughout their college experience. Unfortunately for these people, they soon realize that the freshman 15 is a very real thing throughout their first semester of college. Web MD states that one in four college students actually gain 5% of their body weight during the first semester of their Freshman year.

When you enter college, you're introduced to a whole new level of independence that you've never experienced before. With this indipendence comes the ability to choose what you eat, what you drink, and how much physical activity you take part in throughout any given day. It's often very hard to make healthy decisions when you're living in a dorm, mostly because you have limited access to healthy cooking, the campus dining halls offer enticing and unhealthy food options, and most of all - your dorm room offers you very little room for excersise and physical activity. Luckily, throughout this article, we will discuss three helpful exercise tools that you can use in order to avoide the freshman 15, or lose it if you already gained it. 


Three Exercise Tools to Use When Living in the Dorm:

Throughout the majority of universities, the dorm room layout is relatively similar. On average, dorm rooms are around 12 x 19 feet in size, with space being taken up by beds, dressers, shelves, and desks. This leaves very little room for workout equipment, or ability to partake in physical activity within the room. Many campuses offer workout facilities, but many students dont know how to workout effectively, and need guidelines to follow for their workouts. We will cover both of these issues throughout this article, so you'll have no excuse to not get good exercise as a dorm resident.

1) YouTube

It seems like YouTube is used for everything these days, but that is because it is truly an incredible educational resource. If you go to YouTube and search "Dorm Room Workout," there are thousands of videos - most of them creatd by professional trainers - that focus on effective work outs you can do in small spaces, without the need for any equipment. There is such an abundnace of videos, that you have the ability to pick and choose which one is right for you. 

Here are a few of the top YouTube videos we found (click on the titles to watch):

Exercise tools for the dorm Exercise Tools For The Dorm: Battle the Freshman 15Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 11.43.55 AM.png

             40 Min. Dorm Room Domination           DORM ROOM WORKOUT                            Dorm Room Yoga

) Mobile Applic

The majority of college student have access to health centers and workout facilities - but suffer from one problem: They dont know how to work out. This is a problem for many college students, due to a lack of education on exercise growing up. A lot of students relied on high school sports to keep them in shape, and have no clue what to do now that they arent being trained, while others have never learned how to excersize in the first place.  

Over the past decade, mobile applications have made their way into our every day lives - because they truly are helpful and are able to add a lot of value. There are tons of mobile exercise apps out there that allow students access to exercise routines, as well as a way to personalize these routines. For an example of how these apps work, one app in particular is called Jefit. When you log into this app, you have the ability to specify your body type, and what you want to achieve, and the app generates a workout plan specific to you. Then, when the time comes to actually work out, you have the ability to log your weights, reps, distances, times, and whatever else you need to log in order to better yourself for your next work out. 

Exercise Tools For The Dorm: battle the freshman 15

3) Professionally Made Workout Videos

There are tons of different companies out there that produce legitimate exercise routines that can be done in a living room, bed room, and most importantly - a dorm room, without the need for any workout equipment at all. One of the most popular and critically aclaimed workout video series is called Insanity. This is a series of home workout videos conducted by a professional trainer named Shaun T., and produced by a company called Beach Body. These workout videos can be pricey, but are 100% proven to work, and might actually put you in better shape than you were in when you entered college! 

Exercise tools for the dorm

Now Put These Tools to Action!

These are just a few ways you can keep yourself healthy and fit while living in the dorms. Hopefully we've made helped make your dorm experience a little bit better, and upped your chance of getting fit this year throughout this post. Now go enjoy your dorm while you can, you'll never have an opportunity like this again!Download the free dorm recipe e-book