3 Tips to Help Students Graduate from Ohio University

Students at believe Ohio University is a wonderful place. To them it is a place full of fond memories and beautiful bonds they have created over the years. There is a certain pride each bobcat owns and will be shown if asked what they thing about their college. But, a lot of this pride comes from the fact that people come here to better themselves for a career in a profession and they are on their way to achieve it or already have. If these two cases are not you and you are thinking you could use some help with graduating from Ohio University then I have 3 tips that can really help students graduate from Ohio University.

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Date Night? Try one of these 5 Ohio Breweries

Traveling around the state of Ohio searching for a new flavor of craft beer to fall in love with? Struggling to find a fun and refreshing date night activity while in Ohio’s main cities? Or just looking for a new favorite craft beer? Check out any of the following Ohio breweries. 

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Care For Yourself

College life can be one stressful son-of-a-gun. We all know that. The stress itself can wreek havoc on your body and on your life, especially white you're a young college woman. Is your skin acting up? Are you getting a full night of sleep? Don't have the money to buy self care items? Don't worry, that's what the women of beautifully balanced are here to help with. Everone needs a little help every now and again, hopefully this post provides you with all the help you need, allowing you to then help other strong, beautiful woman down the line. Remember, your body and mind are important to your success, afterall you only get the one so you need to care for yourself the best you can. 

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Watch: Four Dorm Recipes That Make Healthy Eating in College Easy


Healthy Eating Dorm Recipes Video

Have your residents been feeling stressed lately? Do you want to do something to cheer them up and remind them of their sense of community? Is it exam week and you need a snack to stay sane? In this post we will provide you with four easy and delicious dorm recipes that make eating healthy in your dorm a breeze. 

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How to Succeed in OU Business Cluster Without Really Trying

Let’s just get one thing out of the way, Business Cluster sucks. It’s hard and time consuming and no one really knows what they’re doing. It’s a necessary evil and you’re stuck doing it.

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Planning The Ultimate Ohio University Dad's Weekend

Break out your jorts and strut that dad bod because Ohio University Dad’s Weekend is came and went. Each year, Bobcat fathers come from near and far to hit the bricks to relive the “Glory Days” with their spry, young sons and daughters.

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The 5 best Athens cheap drinks

Drinking on a budget is hard! 

Money is tight. You have student loans. College is hard. And you want to drink! You've tried to save money on your nights out at the bars in Athens Ohio, but something just isn't right. The drinks don't taste good. You want tasty, cheap drinks and you're not alone. Luckily, we're here to help. Check out these top five cheapest and best drinks in Athens.


Cheap Drink #1: PBR from Pawpurr's Bar 

Go for an all-American night out in Athens by stopping into
Pawpurr's Bar for a good, old-fashioned Pabst Blue Ribbon. This classic brings a wheaty, full-bodied beer taste to satisfy your thirst. The best part? It's only $1! You might think it's just a special, but no. PBR is always a buck at Fleet's Place. Whether you're knocking a few back with the boys on Saturday, out on the prowl for a fun Friday night or just looking to drown your sorrows about your last midterm, this cheap drink is waiting for you. An added bonus, the welcoming staff that's always there to play a game on their shot wheel or listen to your complaints. With a $1 beer in hand, you're in the right place. 
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Creating a Well Balanced Meal at Ohio Dining Halls

 What is a Well Balanced Meal?

Most students believe that the more greens you have on your plate, the healthier the meal. This is, in fact, completely incorrect! A well balanced meal consists of a proper proportion of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water. These are all things necessary to maintain good health.

Many students today, especially women, are trying their best to avoid the freshmen 15 when they enter their first year of college. The majority of these students are actually approaching their "healthy" eating habits incorrectly without even knowing it!

Fortunately, we have created a list on how to properly make creative healthy meals at Ohio Dining Halls! This list can help you prepare to make your own creative easy recipes and/or meals at the dining halls!

6 Tips to Traveling in Pittsburgh

Venturing into the City of Bridges?


Pittsburgh has a lot to offer! From entertainment venues to scholarship opportunities It can be tricky to get around in a place as unique as Pittsburgh. Take a look at some of our travel tips as you make your way around town:

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