Spooky things to do in Athens this Halloween Season

Posted by Audra Swan on Nov 16, 2017 6:34:18 PM

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Looking for something to do off campus this spooky season? Athens, Ohio is not only the home of Ohio University, but also considered one of the most haunted places in the United States. There are haunted places and scary attractions all over the Athens area that are definitely worth checking out, here's a list of 5 things to do in the Athens area in the Halloween spirit.

1. The Ridges


Just a little bit off of campus and up a hill, lies the Ridges. Although they're currently owned by the University and mosty serve as offices and storage space, the buildings up on the hill used to be home to an asylum and tuberculosis ward. There are countless stories about things that happened when they were a functioning asylum as well as spookier things that have happened since it closed down. The whole area, especially in the hospital and living buildings, have been said to be haunted by the ghosts of patients who died there. Even if it's not haunted, the mostly abandoned rooms are still pretty creepy becuase they haven't been remodeled.

2. Halloween on the Hocking

Halloween on the Hocking isn't like your basic Haunted house. Rather than walking away and having an ecape of running away, participnts in this canoe down one mile of the river and are scared along the way. After surviving the river, you can also ride a haunted hay ride through the campground and cook s'mores around a bonfire. There's somehthing for everyone at this event and is unlike any other haunted attraction we've seen.


3. Moonville Tunnel

The Moonville Tunnel was created for the small mining town that was located there, but has since gained noteriety for the paranormal activity happening there since the town has been abandoned. In 1880, there was a train collision in which two men were killed and there have been stories ever since of people seeing strange lights in the tunnel and ghostly figues moving with in it. It may be a bit of a drive from campus, but it's definitely worth it to see the beautiful scenery and try to find have a paranormal experience.

4. Wicked Forest

Why go on a boring half-mile hike when you could go on a half-mile hike with monsters and scary things hiding in the trees, waiting to jump out and scare you? The wicked forest is a different kind of haunted attraction than your average haunted house because you can pretty much choose your own adventure and the walk changes with every decision you make. If you want to never be able to walk through a forest at night without being scared again, definitely get out to Logan to visit this attraction!


5. The Cemetery Pentagram

Surrounding Athens, there are five cemeteries that form the shape aof a pentagram and have different haunting legends associated with each one. The Cemeteries that make up the pentagram are Mansfield, Simms, and Zion Cemeteries in Athens, Cuckler Cemetery in Meigs County, and Haning Cemetery in Albany. With Ohio University (especially Wilson Hall) and the more populated parts of Athens in the middle of this pentagram, people say that this means a lot of hauntings happen with in that area. 

If these haunted attractions aren't your thing, there are pleanty of cool fall events happening around the Athens area that you should check out this semester! Make sure to download our interactive e-magazine for Fall 2017 for all the events happening this semesteraround the Ohio University area.