Running towards Nike

As my time here at Ohio University is coming to a close, the burning question that everyone wants to ask arises; what do you want to do now? Since I’m graduating in December of 2015 I still have some time to decide where I want to start my career path, so my close relatives and friends can stay off of my back for a little while. When people do ask, I tell them that my ultimate dream job is to work for Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

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Kevin Hurd: my life

Hello all. My name is Kevin Hurd.

Nothing I will say here can get you to know me as well as my Facebook probably could, but i'm going to try anyways. I am a Graduate Student here at Ohio University studying Sports Administration. One thing they don't tell you about grad school when you sign up is water will be replaced by coffee, quick. In fact, as I write this I have at least 500 mg of caffeine flowing through my body, so bare with me.

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Kelly Zandy

Hey guys! So a little about me, my name is Kelly Zandy and I am a senior this year at Ohio University studying marketing and sociology. I will talk a little about my past then get into my older, adult, career years of today.

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About me - Cody Ferguson


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About me: Dan Storch

My name is Dan Storch and I am from Cleveland, Ohio. When I first visited Ohio University, I wasn’t expecting much. I didn’t really pay too much attention on my campus visit as I really wanted to attend Ohio State. A couple visits later I realized that Ohio University was the place for me, rather than the big name Ohio State University. Anyways, I am currently in my fourth year here at Ohio University studying Marketing and Retail Merchandising.

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About me: Jayme Beal

Hello, my name is Jayme Beal and I am a senior studying Health Administration. I spent the first few years at Ohio University trying to "figure out" what I wanted to do. And what I mean by "figure out", I mean enjoying the freedom of being on my own.

I first visited Ohio University with a few friends when I was a junior in high school and immediately fell in love. The people, the scenery, and being close to home but not so close to home was my ideal future for the next four years. I applied to other schools around Ohio (Toledo and Akron) but always knew that Ohio University was where I belonged.

I encountered a few setbacks throughout my journey here but my decision to stay and overcome so many discouragements along the way has really changed me as a person, for the better of course.

Any who, I started out as a Nursing major and decided during my 4th year as a student, I wanted to do something different. I always knew that I wanted to study nursing, but timing is everything. I therefore decided to choose a major that was closely related, Health Administration. I'm expected to graduate in August and I'm pretty terrified since the last six years of my life has been the life of a college student.

After graduation, I hope to work for a nonprofit hospital somewhere outside of Ohio. The east coast sounds suitable to me. Since I did start out as a nursing major, I hope to go back to nursing school when the time is right. Caring for others has always been a passion of mine and I can't really see myself doing otherwise. And if all else fails (again) in Nursing, I still see myself continuing a career in the health care industry.

Anyways, here's a few more random facts about myself:

I'm originally from Coventry, Rhode Island but I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio

I have a twin sister who also attends Ohio University

I work at Court Street Diner and have for a year and a half

I have such a soft spot for all cats (especially my tabby, Jake)

I will be the first of my siblings to graduate college (two sisters and two step brothers)

I'm a 27 week premie (premature)

My hair has been every color known to man, literally

I love everything zebra

I'm only 5'0 tall

I've been a server since I was sixteen

I live for Warped Tour

I am a coffee addict

I played softball for fourteen years

And volleyball throughout high school

The only meat I will eat is chicken but forget it if there's bones in it

Painting my nails is torturous to me

I almost swam across the Ohio River once

I've been to a Marine ball and have so much respect for all military personnel

I hope to move either to the east or west coast, actually anywhere close to an ocean

My favorite color is lime green

I'm horrible with directions

I love Boston accents

I'm a huge Patriots fan and so is the rest of my family

And my special talents are Wii bowling and corn hole


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All about Nicholas Taylor

Who am I?

Hi everyone! My name is Nicholas Taylor, and I am a student here at the wonderful Ohio University. I am a senior studying Marketing and Strategic Communication through the Specialized Studies program. For anyone that has a variety of interests here in college and wants to combine them into one major, I highly recommend this program. It has been wonderful for me and has allowed me to study all types of things that I am interested in.

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About Me: Lauren Smith Information Page

Lauren Smith Information Page

Blog Post #1 by: Lauren Smith

Hi I'm Lauren! I am a Senior this year at OU sadly graduating this upcoming spring. I am a Communication Studies major with a related area in Marketing, Management and Journalism. I also just completed my social media certificate with the Scripps College! After graduating this spring I am still unsure of what I want to do in the "real world", but I am leaning towards working in the social media marketing industry or really anywhere that I am not forced to sit in an office all day!

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Monica Salguero life as a bobcat

Monica Salguero: About me

Bobcat life

My name is Monica Salguero, I'm a senior Marketing major with a bios minor at OU. Before I became a Marketing Major I was was studying biology with the hopes of working in a lab and doing research. After two years in this major I quickly discovered that the not so glamorous life of working in a basement lab was not for me. I wanted to choose a major where I had the possibility of taking many different career paths and not having to be set on one particular job (I can sometimes be indecisive). I will be graduating this Spring and it is definitely a bittersweet feeling. I am excited for the opportunity to start my career and lets not forget the oh so important paycheck, but I will miss OU and all the wonderful friends and memories that I have made during my time here.

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