How Streaming Can Make a Workout Fly-By

Do you feel like there is not enough time in the world to watch your favorite TV shows? Do you need a new music artist to jam out too that will make your day awesome? Do you want to watch the big game but your roommate is hogging the TV?

All of these problems can be solved during a workout while making getting in shape much more enjoyable!

If you would place yourself in the competent streamers category, you can customize your media streaming to lead to a healthier lifestyle and even add some more of that precious free-time that seems so lacking nowadays in you college career.

Read on to learn how streaming can make a workout fly-by!

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Sustainable ways to get around campus

Being someone who is passionate about caring for the environment, it is tough going to a large college campus where it can be hard finding ways to get around campus while still being environmentally friendly.

In my years here on campus, through much trial and error, and often long walks home due to my bad estimation of distance, I have found three easy ways to get around town that help do my part in taking care of the Earth and are easy and practical for a busy college student to do!

These how to guides also provide other ways that can be useful in helping save the planet on campus:

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Three Morning Exercises for College Students to Try

Being a college student and waking up early often times doesn't mix well together. Especially since most alarm clocks have a "snooze" button. However, morning exercises for college students can improve daily performance and make waking up less dreadful. There are many benefits to morning exercises. One of the main reasons college students should consider this active lifestyle is because it provides feelings of accomplishment. Feeling accomplished early in the day can give you enough energy to dominate the rest of it!

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