Netflix + Chill: Shows to watch with your significant other


When deciding what to stream while you Netflix and Chill, there may be too many options.  With a significant other, there are just some shows that bring you closer than others.  In this post, we will give you some examples of shows that could help bring your night to the next level. 
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5 excuses to binge watch Netflix all day

We’ve all been there before… you find some free time and begin streaming your favorite Netflix show. One episode goes by… then another… then another… Netflix then, almost mockingly, asks us: “Are you still watching?” Yes Netflix, we are still watching.  Before you know it, your whole day and night have passed before your eyes, but you can’t stop! Nothing is quite as relaxing as a nice Netflix binge session. Here are 5 excuses for you to binge watch your favorite Netflix series all day:

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Ways to get involved in college


Looking to become more involved and get the most out of your college experience? Come visit us at the Campus Involvement Center!

The goal of the Campus Involvement Center is to provide meaningful, high quality out-of-class opportunities through programs and experiences that foster:

  • practical appication of classroom learning
  • the development of healthy lifestyles including low risk choices
  • participation in student organizations
  • involvement and service in Athens and the greater community 

Character. Community Citizenship. Civility. Commitment. 

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