Love Athens? Here are 4 More Ohio Small Towns You Need to Visit

Athens Vibes Across Ohio:
If Athens is one of your favorite small towns then get ready to visit four more Ohio towns that will capture your heart. If you can't get enough of the Athens charm then these towns are the best spots for weekend a get away with family and friends. Explore Ohio and add these four small towns to your must see list!

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Planning The Ultimate Ohio University Dad's Weekend

Break out your jorts and strut that dad bod because Ohio University Dad’s Weekend is came and went. Each year, Bobcat fathers come from near and far to hit the bricks to relive the “Glory Days” with their spry, young sons and daughters.

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Why Athens Ohio is the Cheapest Town for a Night out

This Hidden Gem of America is Right Under Your Nose

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Spice Up Your Night In Athens

Do you ever get tired of going to the same bars, listening to the same music, and doing the same things every weekend? Ohio University students are no strangers to the Athens nightlife, but many students are stuck with the same routine every time they hit the town. If you're in the mood to try something different instead of hitting up The CI or Crystal for another pitcher, bars such as Casa Nueva, The Smiling Skull, Tony's Tavern, and many more have plenty of exciting events and activities that may take you by surprise! We've listed a few of them for you below.

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Guide to the Ohio University Dining Halls

Feeding Yourself 

The struggle to be real person is always hard.  Especially in a place so surreal, like Athens.  There’s rarely a time when you feel as though your life is completely stable because that’s just how college can be.  A part of that is feeling as though you’re constantly unprepared for real life tasks.  A lot of people when they come to college truly have no idea how to do things like laundry, dishes, or even boil water.  THAT’S OK.  Just like the overpriced classes you’re taking: you’ll learn how to overcome in no time.  That being said, you have a unique opportunity to learn from someone who, just like many others, didn’t know how A LOT of shit upon arriving at Ohio University. I’m going to take you through some very basic, but vitally important tasks and responsibilities every student should become familiar with.

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3 Benefits of Becoming a Vegetarian

There are a number of benefits to being a vegetarian. These include improving your health, helping the environment and saving the environment. Although the idea of cutting meat out of your life can be intimidating at first, the many benefits are worth it in the long run.

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