10 Tips to Saving Money During Your Night Out

Saving Money is Important!

You are a college student and your money is pretty important. After all, we don't really want to spend every free minute working a part-time job instead of getting "the college experience". All too often we go out and have a great night, only to wake up to our empty bank accounts. Luckily, we have some ways to save money when you go out again because every penny counts. 


Money-Saving Tip #1: Pay with Cash

Paying with cash allows you to notice exactly how much you are paying per drink, instead of simply putting it on your tab all night. This way you won't be mindlessly dwindling away your bank account, you'll actually be saving money. Here's another little something that could help you out, this way you won't forget to tip! When you leave a tip, you can become the bartenders friend which can get you a nice discount now and then. 

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Planning The Ultimate Ohio University Dad's Weekend

Break out your jorts and strut that dad bod because Ohio University Dad’s Weekend is came and went. Each year, Bobcat fathers come from near and far to hit the bricks to relive the “Glory Days” with their spry, young sons and daughters.

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Sip, Watch, Play: 5 Best Drinking Games For Sunday

It's Fall in Athens, Ohio. College green is filled with burnt leaves and happy students. It's time for Ohio University Homecoming and Halloween festivities on the bricks. There are many reasons why students love campus in the Fall. But there's only one Fall ritual no one disagrees with... NFL Sunday.

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Tips on How to Survive the Athens Bar Scene

I can easily remember my first time setting foot into my first bar on Court Street. I waited in line at The C.I., my new form of identification shaking in hand, nervous I wouldn't find my way through the party crowd waiting ahead of me- I get it. However, for you first timers, I promise it's not that bad and it can be a lot of fun.

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Tips & Tricks: Dealing with Impatient Drunk Customers

As most bartenders know, the impatient drunk customer is one that is far too familiar. Waving money across the bar, yelling at servers to make them a drink, and being obnoxious when they aren’t served are just a few characteristics of this type of person.

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All About Tracy Keck...

I'm a senior Communication Studies major Marketing and Advertising minor's. While at Ohio University I have been involved in College Against Cancer/Relay for Life OU for four years and National Communication Association Student Club (NCASC) for three years and I am currently serving on the exec board for the 2014-2015 year as club treasure. While at Ohio Univeristy I have met some of my best friends and together we have made some amazing memories. When that dreaded day in May comes around this year and I have to pack my bags and depart the lovely town of Athens there will be tears of sadness. After all its not four years its for life. Upon graduation I plan to move to Chicago, Illinois. I have many areas of interest human resources, public relations, event planning, marketing, and advertising. I would be more than happy to work in any of these fields in the Windy City! As scary as it is to leave the place I've called home for four years I am excited to see what my future has in store for me.

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Megan Scully: A Weird and Wonderful Journey

The Early Years

Originally, I was born Megan Scully but introducing myself as just 'Meg' has been a habit ever since I can remember.

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