Planning The Ultimate Ohio University Dad's Weekend

Break out your jorts and strut that dad bod because Ohio University Dad’s Weekend is came and went. Each year, Bobcat fathers come from near and far to hit the bricks to relive the “Glory Days” with their spry, young sons and daughters.

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Workout groups for every Ohio U fitness guru

Find Your Fit in College

After moving into a dorm, settling into college life, and getting accustomed to tons of new classes, it can be difficult to find the motivation to stick to a fitness regimen. College life WILL get crazy busy, which can make saving time to keep up with a healthy lifestyle seem unattainable. Good thing Ohio University offers many on campus workout groups for all students, freshmen and 5th year seniors alike! Try out one of the groups below & find your fit this semester!

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Exploring Athens Food Trucks


With in the last two years Athens, Ohio has seen a spike in food trucks and the variety of food options to go along with the trucks. Around Athens it is common to see food trucks on West Union, off of Court Street, outside the BP, and even at the top of Morton Hill. With the new Foodie Finds app, you can look ahead of time to see who is out on the street, and also the deals they are offering. It is our goal to make finding food with deals that much easier for you.

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