Planning The Ultimate Ohio University Dad's Weekend

Break out your jorts and strut that dad bod because Ohio University Dad’s Weekend is came and went. Each year, Bobcat fathers come from near and far to hit the bricks to relive the “Glory Days” with their spry, young sons and daughters.

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The 10 Commandments of Sunday Funday

You can't drink any of the 7 days of the week when you graduate? Sunday's are for recovering and grocery shopping when you graduate?  It's only acceptable to be a complete mess on a Saturday night when you graduate and enter the real world? Word on the street is post-grad life is whirlwind of sadness and dissapointment, especially post Ohio University life. So why not take advantage of every irresponsible activity possible while you’re still in the beautiful Athens, Ohio? Sunday Funday is an honored collegiate tradition, so why not Sunday Funday in Athens Ohio? Follow our top 10 commandments and you will survive a Sunday on Court St.

In Sunday Funday Ohio University, Athens Ohio Day Drinking, Ohio University Court Street

History of Sunday Funday at Ohio University

Over 25,000 students attend Ohio University annualy. There are bars aligned all down court steet. Its's a Sunday in Athens, Ohio. You hear loud music and people screaming having the time of their life. Do you want to participate? Do you have what it takes?
If so, read on...

What is Sunday Funday at Ohio University? 

       Sundays at Ohio University are a time for college students to enjoy the nice weather, while hanging with 100 of their closest friends, while ending up making a few mistakes on the way and to watch your favorite NFL team take home a Win. This is a way for students to relieve their stress while doing what they enjoy the most… getting drunk. 

In Sunday Funday Ohio University, Athens Ohio Day Drinking, Ohio University Court Street