5 Ways to Stay Healthy in College

Everyone can agree when we say that staying healthy and living an active lifestyle in college is difficult. 

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Finding The Right Workouts to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals


Let's face it: Life for college students can be difficult enough between managing school work, extracurricular activities, while still having fun and maintaining a social life. On top of all of that, many students find it challenging to incorportate the right workouts and dietary needs throughout each day in order to meet their personal health goals. Although everyone would love to be healthy and in shape, not everyone exercising in the recreation center is working towards the same goal. Some people want to build muscle and lose fat, while others simply want to increase their endurance and flexibility. Therefore, the first and most important step on the road to change is to fully consider your current fitness level, and specify what your overall goals are for the future. Once you have identified your personal fitness aspirations, continue reading to find the best methods to help you achieve them. 

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Use a Planner, Change your Life



One of the most challenging tasks for a student athlete is learning how to effectively time managae and balance all of their responsibilities. The most efficient way to do exactly that is by using a planner(s) to keep organized. This article will show you how using a planner can get you started on the journey to effective time management. I will take you through a list of steps and techniques that I have found work best for organizing a busy, college schedule. 

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A Struggling On-The-Go College Girl: I'm here for you

Girl, I get it. 

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When you first came to college were you overwhelmed and felt like a little fish in a big pond. Stress levels are alarmingly high for college students, not knowing what is coming next and constantly feeling overwhelmed.Colleges have noticed this, and created programs which help students adjust their life by creating teams, learning communities and other programs. One of those programs is club sports, it allows students to not only play a sport they enjoy but also be a part of a team. These sports provide many benefits to the student athlete that help them balance their collegiate life as well as preparing them for life after college. 

Time Management:

Many students struggle balancing their schedules with so many different things going on in their life. Joining a club sport aids you in managing your time wisely as opposed as wasting time during your day. It provides structure that you must follow in order to succeed. You will have set practice time, that you must meet. This will aid students not only in college to help them make better use of their time but also for after college, when you have a job and must balance between work, and other activities after work. This skill will be polished by the time you graduate after you have been playing a club sport for 4 years. You will have ample time to practice this ability throughout your collegiate life, between class, studying, and the large amounts of practice for your club sport. 


Coming into college the adjustment of a college workload overwhelms a lot of students. They are not used to the amount of reading, or being accountable for classes without the professor being over their shoulder. Club athletics provide another way to ensure you stay on task academically. Each sport has a GPA requirement that you must maintain to be able to play. If you don't maintain that GPA you could be suspended and not allowed to play your sport. This will help students immensely, since some kids slack off once they get to college. After college this will help because it will lead to more job opportunities, higher GPA = higher number of job opportunities. That is the biggest take away from playing a club sport in college, it can/will lead to a better job.


Once you land a job, more often than not you will work in a team or part of a team. Playing a sport makes you work together as a team to achieve a goal. This will help you enhance your ability to work in a team and help you prepare for life after college. Sports are a great way to practice this important skill which can lead to a better job after college.


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Balancing Your life

College Life Struggles:

You're not the only one that is struggling to juggle homework, eating healthy, and going to the gym. This blog will give you some tips on how to better your lifestyle while in college.

Most college students figure that they don't have enough time or money to eat and workout as much as they would like. I have 3 tips that will help any college student on their journey to keep that spring break body all year.


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Sustainable Snack Recipes for On-The-Go

When you live a life on the go, it seems as though nutritious and sustainable food takes a back seat to food that is cheap and quick. Here's a list of foods that, with a bit of preparation, will not only be quick, cheap, and delicious but nutritious, and sustainable for the environment as well.  

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Time MANAGEMENT as a College Club Athlete

Making the jump from highschool to college can be rough. Its most likely your first time on your own, so what you do with you time is 100% determined by you! Time managment can ruin your college career if you don't utilize it wisely. This blog post is specificly for club sport college athletes, because they have much more priorities than most students. So time managment can 
be very challenging for them. I am going to provide 3 ways to help with time management. 
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Cooking with coffee

When you think of coffee, do you think of hamburgers, cinnamon rolls, beef tenderloin, and chicken tacos? Well, you should. Those are just a few things that after adding coffee to the recipe will take you on a flavor roller coaster that you will never want to get off of. After researching some of the benefits of coffee, I thought why not add it to my food and get those benefits in a different way while also enhancing the flavors of my food! As a college student being away from Mom’s cooking, I’ll take any tips I can get to cook better food.

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