3 Ways to Improve Your Workout with Massage

A successful workout routine is one of the core ingredients for a healthy college lifestyle, but sometimes the stresses of schoolwork and a part-time job can leave you in need of a tune up. The benefits of professional massage can improve your workout and help you live a balanced life. Here's three ways to improve you workout with massage.

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Promote Muscle Health

Massage is the application of pressure to muscles in the body and is often used to relieve soreness or tension. However, massage can also aid in tissue regeneration after a strenuous workout, and even help exercise underused muscle groups. Massage can increase joint flexibility for greater range of motion during workouts and even help improve your immune system.


Improve Posture

Any personal trainer will tell you that proper posture during a workout is essential for preventing injury and massage can help correct your form. Outside of the gym, massage (especially in areas of the back, neck, and shoulders) can help you sit up straighter in class and sleep better.

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Relieve Stress

Professional massages take place in a quiet environment, usually with soothing music in the background and essential oils meant to promote relaxation. While deep tissue massages can provide intense pressure and tension relief, a gentler, Swedish style massage perfect anyone just looking to let go of some stress. Setting aside some extra "me" time in your busy schedule can help motivate you to get back in the gym or get a head start on homework.


So whether you're experiencing aches after workouts or if you've just lost a little motivation, it may be time to improve your workout with massage. At Well Works, a professional massage doesn't have to break the bank and you don't need to be a member to book your appointment! Call 740-593-2093 to book or visit our website for more information.


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