Where Can I Go For Help At Ohio University?

So you are confused about where to go for help? Not sure if you are going to the right place? Well we're glad that you're here because we can lead you to the right place. We want you to be the bad-ass woman that takes over the world, but no one gets to the top without a little bit of help along the way. We are here to be that help! If you can survive college then the real world will be a piece of cake! We want to start off by saying that it is always OK to ask for help and luckily, Ohio University wants you to succeed and help you in any way they can with all their resources. 

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Bobcat Hunt: Finding Professional Resources Around OU

The Options

When it comes to ones future, it is hard not be stressed out about the foreseable future. As Ohio University Bobcats, there are plenty of resources available to help relieve the stress and set you on the right path for success. Whether you need help on a resume, guidance on looking for a potential employer, or simply just wanting to somewhat map out your future, there is help for it all. The Career Leadership and Development Center, Bobcat Career Link, or career fairs. There is no shortage of resources available for OU students. I will dive deeper into each of these resources.

Career Leadership and Development Center (CLDC)

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