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Attracting Students to your Organization

Why Attracting Students to your Organization is Important

More and more it is important for students in a collegiate setting to become involved in extracurricular activities in order to enhance your skills in abilities in your particular field. While some students may be able to go forward with a solid GPA, or a select body of work, it seems as though employers are now focusing on what you do outside of your classwork. So students must join these clubs and do what they can to be involved within the organisation they select. Now how does any club reach out to students in a way that will transition students from being interested into fully dedicated members. From my time in Student Alumni Board, I have gained an understanding of what organizations need to do to begin attracting students to your organization.

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Marketing your art the right way

Art in this context means more than just painters, it means dancers, graphic designers, singer/songwriters, and the list can go on and on. The main concept here is that a lot of people fall into these categories, and that there is a huge demographic. If I were a betting man, I would say that a lot of people in fine arts colleges have no idea how to market themselves once they start their career. However, I am sure that all the successful "artists" have learned how to get themselves out there effectively, and in ways that a lot of people overlook. Here are a couple great steps to learn how to become successful with an art career, and by successful I mean that it is your only job.

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Technology and the Decline in Communication Skills

My friends and family are often frustrated with me due to my lack of text messaging prowess and social media usage. I am slowly starting to be converted to the immediacy of the rapid-fire quick communication style that captivates my generation, but I still prefer a face-to-face in-depth conversation over the former. There is something enthralling about being in the moment, maintaining eye contact, and having a gist of how someone is really feeling as they relay the message.

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What does the changing face of America mean for this country?

Where are you from? What are you?

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Does Listening to Music Affect Productivity?

How does listening to music affect productivity?

Listening to music does a lot more than just get your foot tapping or hips swinging. It releases a chemical in your brain called dopamine, the "pleasure chemical". Dopamine is linked to motivation, addiction, and the element of surprise. Imagine eating your favorite food and then getting a feeling of wanting more even though you're full, that's what dopamine does to you!

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Paper or Digital? How people are switching to digital media and news

With the advancing in the capabilities of getting digital media and news on portable devices, more people are switching from paper to digital. From books to photos, to news articles and videos, most of your news and information can be found online in some form.

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Klout Score Meaning: The Good, Bad, and Uncertain

46 is my Klout Score. With each log in I anxiously to see if I have bumped up a few points. Last semester in my graduate research class Klout Score seemed to be a reoccurring topic. In fear of being left off the bandwagon I created an account.

However, I still knew very little about the Klout Score meaning. Why it is important, who uses it, et cetera. Hopefully, reading this blog will help answer these questions for you, so the next time the topic arises you can contribute with confidence!

What is the Klout Score Meaning?

A Klout Score is a number between 1-100 that represents one's online social influence. Networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Instagram, Google+, and Wikipedia all factored in to the equation. The score focuses on engagement, not just connections.


Therefore, the more influential a person is, the higher the Klout Score. Fun fact: the average Klout Score is 40.

History of Klout

Joe Fernandez, the current CEO founded Klout with Binh Tran in 2008. The idea developed after Fernandez underwent jaw surgery and had to heavily rely on social media for communication. He quickly realized that some people's opinions mattered more than others. Could this be measured? If so, who would care?

Fernandez moved to Singapore to build the first version of Klout. After investing his own time and money into the project Joe knew the project would succeed.

Watch the video to learn more about the history of Klout!

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Klout Doubt

A major problem that Klout faced were the claims that the score inaccurately depicts a person's influence. For example, numerous bloggers had a higher score than Barrack Obama. However, Klout is constantly updating its scoring model to make it more accurate.

Obama's updated Klout Score

Another objection is the cause of social anxiety that it may cause users. It is difficult for people to hear that they are not perceived to be as influential as someone else. In an effort to increase influence people could begin interacting artificially. This taints the messaging and goes against the purpose of social media.

Future of Klout


The rumors are true! On March 27, 2014 Fernandez announced that Klout is joining forces with Lithium Technologies. He states,

As Klout takes the next step toward helping our users maximize their impact online, I believe that Lithium is the ideal partner. Lithium powers many of the most vibrant communities online for leading brands like Spotify, Skype and Sephora. Together, we can do more to help you share your passions, measure your impact, and grow your reputation.

Essentially, Lithium paid $100 million to have access to the Consumer Product Goods sector that Klout has a strong presence in. Keep your eye out for the direction that Lithium Technologies takes Klout.

Why Klout?

Whether you choose to put it on your resume or just bring it up in conversation it is helpful to track your Klout Score. Monitoring your score can help you be intentional about creating unique content, instead of simply sharing what other have produced. If you are interested in a position where content marketing is used, then a high score benefit you.

While creating unique content and engaging with others will increase your score, it is important to be genuine and to note post items with the sole purpose of increasing your score. Simply stated, be yourself!

If you know your Klout Score and feel comfortable sharing, please post!

Now, you know about the Klout Score meaning! For more answers to your Klout questions, click here.

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