10 Tips to Saving Money During Your Night Out

Saving Money is Important!

You are a college student and your money is pretty important. After all, we don't really want to spend every free minute working a part-time job instead of getting "the college experience". All too often we go out and have a great night, only to wake up to our empty bank accounts. Luckily, we have some ways to save money when you go out again because every penny counts. 


Money-Saving Tip #1: Pay with Cash

Paying with cash allows you to notice exactly how much you are paying per drink, instead of simply putting it on your tab all night. This way you won't be mindlessly dwindling away your bank account, you'll actually be saving money. Here's another little something that could help you out, this way you won't forget to tip! When you leave a tip, you can become the bartenders friend which can get you a nice discount now and then. 

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5 Quick and Cheap Eats for Busy Ass Business Cluster Students

Ohio University Business Cluster Students are known for spending late night's in Alden and  ordering food to the library to save time. All this eating out can add up. Here are five of the hottest deals on Court Street that are sure to fill you up while saving you some cash!

Biggest Value: Wendy’s 444

The Wendy’s 4 for 4 was made specifically for college students who are broke, hungry and in a hurry. For only $4 you can stuff yourself with loads of fried deliciousness. This deal comes with a drink, sandwich of your choice (Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, Crispy Chicken BLT or Double Stack), chicken nuggets and fries! You can also treat yourself after all of your hard work by substituting the drink for a delicious chocolate frosty.

Not only are you saving cash, you’re saving time. Wendy’s prime location is extremely convenient for students grinding out business reports at ~Club Alden~ or Copeland. Wendy’s on Court is open late which is ideal for any Cluster student. The best part about this is that Wendy’s usually has your food out within seconds (it is called fast food).

Clusterf$#% rates this deal as the best bang for your buck due to the low price, large amount of food and quick service.

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How to get the most out of a tight College budget

Are you that typical college kid that always seems to have no money, but want to go out more than just one night a week, and are tired of seeing your friends go out all the time, and have FOMO every night you can’t go out well all you have to do if follow these few tips about budgeting and you can go out more the Johnny Manziel.

Being in college for most people is very expensive and is the start to an expensive debt bill when you graduate college and enter into the workforce. A degree is something that is very important now days to get a good job, unfortunately they can be very expensive but if you are smart and plan a budget you can live the college life, and get the college degree and be less in debt than the majority of your peers.

Look for deals

Most people's average nightly budget is around $20, or at least that’s what I spend on a typical night out and I usually pay 2-3 dollars per drinks so I can get anywhere between 6 and 10 drinks depending on what I buy. So if you want to go out more nights go to happy hours where drinks are half price, which would allow you to go out twice as much. Same things go for food, look for restaurant that have deals and choose to eat a certain place only on the days they have deals. Also take advantage of anything free, many organizations or groups will have free food at meetings, or events to encourage people to go so take advantage and go get that free meal.

Be disciplined with your college budget

The key to being successful and having a good budget is to be self-disciplined and stick to your set budget. Once you set a budget find ways to stick to that budget or even spend less than your budget if possible. Try to put money back in a safe place or bank account that can’t be touched, or find a way to make your money hard to get to so it’s not easily accessible. People tend to spend more money if its easily accessible, so if you make your money hard to get to then in the long run you will save more and more money.

There are multiple ways to save money, but if you follow these two basic rules after you graduate college you will be less in debt than your peers. This will also translate to your habits as you grow older which will allow you to be more financially independent.

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