3 Must-Visit coffee shops in Athens, Ohio

If there's one thing college students are known for, it's our love for coffee. Every college town worth its salt has a wide array of cozy cafés to chose from, so it can be hard to know where to go for the best brew.

Athens, Ohio has a beautiful array of both rustic and modern coffee houses to chose from, so I've compiled a list of my favorite snack and study spots to help out my fellow Bobcats.

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How To Find Local Coffee Shops

Shopping local is a big deal, especially because big corporate companies are coming into small towns, and causing local businesses to close.

Those of us at The Traveling Mug believe that shopping local, and traveling, are two of the most important things in life, right after getting your daily caffeine fix. Below, you will find some tips on how to find local coffee and tea shops when you are traveling the world, near and far.

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The 5 Most Unique Coffee Shops around the United States

Are you a busy college student that runs on caffeine? Looking for a new place to go? Check out these 5 unique coffee shops around the United States that everyone is talking about! Click on the coffee shop name to be directed to their website. 

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Starbucks: Secret Menu Unvailed


Have you ever went into your local Starbucks and nothing on the menu seemed appealing to you? Or maybe you are tired of your regular and are in the mood to spice it up? Well have I got news for you! Starbucks has a secret menu! Try to contain your excitement long enough to read through the rest of the post because I am about to give you the inside look at Starbucks secret menu. 
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3 People You may Spot in a College Coffee Shop

When you go to a coffee shop in the morning, you generally know what to expect. It's a hectic environment where the baristas are running around trying to make every mocha just right. Meanwhile on the other side of the counter, the tables are all packed with people just as eager to be up out of bed at 7 in the morning. 

If you want to learn more about drinking coffee at Ohio University, check out our e-book!

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What Ohio University Coffee Shop Fits you?

There are eight different coffee shops in walking distance of the Ohio University campus. With that many options, how do you pick which one to go to? You are in luck! I am here to help you with that. This post will help you pick the right one for exactly what you are looking for based on location, atmosphere, food, entertainment and more.

I am currently a senior here at Ohio University, and if there is one drink, besides alcohol, that I have learned you can’t live without, it’s coffee! I usually get a cup every morning before class and once, sometimes twice, in the afternoon to keep me going. When you drink it as much as I do, you realize that you have to switch up where you go. Throughout my four years in Athens I have been to all the cafe houses at least several times. To provide you with the most accurate descriptions, and myself with enough caffeine to write this article, I decided to write each description at the specific location being described.

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3 Benefits of l-theanine and caffeine for the busy college student


Ah, the college student.  Never before have you been more stressed out and sleep deprived, and it's almost seemingly impossible to balance academics with every other facet of your life.  (without having a nervous breakdown).  Like many others, I frequently rely on caffeine in order to muster up the energy to get things done.  The problem is that caffeine frequently leaves us feeling jittery or on edge.  There has to a better way! There is, and its called l-theanine.  L-theanine is a naturally occurring substance that counteracts the anxious feelings that are sometimes associated with that morning cup of coffee.  It works synergistically with caffeine in order to make you laser focused, yet relaxed.  It occurs naturally in some forms of tea, but adding it to your coffee or taking a pill will work more effectively.  Other benefits are below.

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6 Quick Health Benefits of Coffee


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Cooking with coffee

When you think of coffee, do you think of hamburgers, cinnamon rolls, beef tenderloin, and chicken tacos? Well, you should. Those are just a few things that after adding coffee to the recipe will take you on a flavor roller coaster that you will never want to get off of. After researching some of the benefits of coffee, I thought why not add it to my food and get those benefits in a different way while also enhancing the flavors of my food! As a college student being away from Mom’s cooking, I’ll take any tips I can get to cook better food.

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