A Healthy Night Out On Court Street

To have a healthy night out on Court Street is very difficult to do. Some would say that it is impossible. I would agree with those people, but there may be some alternatives to a night on the town. Not that it is extremely healthy but it could easiliy save you a few bucks and you could feel better the morning after. These two startegies help me get through the night financially and socially. Many people go with these approaches too, as it works well for them and was big before spring break came. 

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3 Alternative Journalism Student Orgs at Ohio University

If you are a journalism or media major, or maybe just a student looking for a organization that caters more towards your needs & interests, there are plenty of options available. Ohio University has around 500+ student organizations, one of which is sure to be focused on your specific interests.

Below are three student organizations that stand out in the Scripps College of Communication for their focus on specific topics, their unique & engaging content, and the standards they hold for high quality. In no particular order, below are three OHIO special-interest student organizations that are exceptional at doing something different.

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4 Places to travel over winter break

Want To Get Away?

You have worked hard all semester now its time to get away. Here are 4 afforable destinations to travel over winter break. Take an exotic trip to Costa Rica or Playa Del Carmen. Take a trip to New York city and explore your inner toursist. Finally, take a trip out west to Big Sky, Montana to shred some gnarly lines of pow.  

For many college students winter break is a fantastic time to travel and relax from the stress of the recent semester. This post will focus on afforable prices to attract college students. Throughout this post, I will outline 4 incredible winter break traveling destinations.   

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