Which OHIO Dining Hall is for y(OU)?

Navigating OHIO Dining Halls

It is truly one of the toughest decisions-- finding the right dining hall to enjoy on Ohio University's campus. As a freshman, there are the three main obvious choices, Nelson, Shively and the District on West Green but other gems are sometimes forgotten around campus... West 82, Latitude 39, and The Hungry Cat Food Truck. Between these six dining destinations, we will help you figure out where to stop for a personal dining experience.

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Guide to the Ohio University Dining Halls

Feeding Yourself 

The struggle to be real person is always hard.  Especially in a place so surreal, like Athens.  There’s rarely a time when you feel as though your life is completely stable because that’s just how college can be.  A part of that is feeling as though you’re constantly unprepared for real life tasks.  A lot of people when they come to college truly have no idea how to do things like laundry, dishes, or even boil water.  THAT’S OK.  Just like the overpriced classes you’re taking: you’ll learn how to overcome in no time.  That being said, you have a unique opportunity to learn from someone who, just like many others, didn’t know how A LOT of shit upon arriving at Ohio University. I’m going to take you through some very basic, but vitally important tasks and responsibilities every student should become familiar with.

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