3 Slopes You Can Hit Right Now !

The Wait is Almost Over !

Attention skiiers, snowboarders, and adventurers... the wait is over!  Summer was too long for many of us and Fall couldn't be more of a tease.  Thankfully, Old Man Winter is right around the corner and comes with it as much powder any true snow sport enthusiast or adventurer can enjoy. 

Unfortunately, many of us can't quite ski or snowboard until as late as mid December. Luckily, there are plenty of pre-Winter destinations that are being taken advantage of right now. Throughout this post, I will outline 3 incredible winter taveling destinations that you can visit and have an amazing time.


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Top 5 Stress Relief Destinations In Athens, Ohio

What happens when it's your last semester of college at Ohio University and there are an infinite number of things going on throughout your head?  Well, you may just be stressing about the future and what lies ahead of you in the real world!

Every college student, no matter what university or year he or she is in, allows a very well known word; stress take over throughout his or her college career.   

However, every college kid wants to have fun on the weekends, maybe occasionally have fun on a weekday, or weekdays, or everday...  With 18 bars in Athens, Ohio and Ohio University being the #1 party school, it definitely gets tempting to go out a lot and you all know it!  However, when it comes to having fun, money is always involved unfortunately.  No matter what, we are spending money constantly whether it be for tuition, rent, groceries, and other expenses! 

I could talk about an endless amount of stressors within a life of a college senior.  However, when you are enduring stressful times, sometimes you have to sit back, relax, and go to your happy place!

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