Watch: Four Dorm Recipes That Make Healthy Eating in College Easy


Healthy Eating Dorm Recipes Video

Have your residents been feeling stressed lately? Do you want to do something to cheer them up and remind them of their sense of community? Is it exam week and you need a snack to stay sane? In this post we will provide you with four easy and delicious dorm recipes that make eating healthy in your dorm a breeze. 

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Guide to the Ohio University Dining Halls

Feeding Yourself 

The struggle to be real person is always hard.  Especially in a place so surreal, like Athens.  There’s rarely a time when you feel as though your life is completely stable because that’s just how college can be.  A part of that is feeling as though you’re constantly unprepared for real life tasks.  A lot of people when they come to college truly have no idea how to do things like laundry, dishes, or even boil water.  THAT’S OK.  Just like the overpriced classes you’re taking: you’ll learn how to overcome in no time.  That being said, you have a unique opportunity to learn from someone who, just like many others, didn’t know how A LOT of shit upon arriving at Ohio University. I’m going to take you through some very basic, but vitally important tasks and responsibilities every student should become familiar with.

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Top 7 Tips For Dorm Room Decorating

So we've all been there....

Pinteresting our perfect dorm room while sitting in our immature High School english class while Mrs. Smith goes on and on about her made up ideas of symbolism in The Great Gatsby. Finally the day comes, it's freshman year, and it is time to move into the dorm room of your dreams.  You start unloading the car, walking up the four unbelievably long flights of stairs, and walk into.... the bare, white washed cement walls with dirt piled up in the corners of the floors. What happened to all of those cool dorm rooms that you've been fantasizing over for months now? How could this room possibly be turned into a creative, sophisticated space?  Here are 7 tips from an experienced senior on how to turn that stale, white-walled dorm into your personal oasis.

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