Ohio University Bars

Overview of Ohio University Bars

If there is one thing you ABSOLUTELY need to know about Ohio University is that we love our bars. In our town of approximately 25,000 people there are 18 bars in a 3 block radius. It is absurd how often our students go to the bars. But, that is half the reason why Ohio University is the place to be. We don’t need a fucking reason to go to the bars here. However, you can count on an Ohio University student to pull a reason out of thin air. For example, last year there was a boil-alert in Athens because of a water main break. All the bars opened early that day and the student population went bonkers for “Drought Fest”. Homecoming is also a GIANT weekend for the bars. Almost all of the bars open extremely early on Saturday at around 6 am for Kegs and Eggs. I know you’re probably thinking, “Who the fuck wakes up at 6 am to drink beer and eat eggs after an aggressive Friday of boozing??” We do. And it is our job and honor to keep this tradition alive every homecoming year.

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Tips on How to Survive the Athens Bar Scene

I can easily remember my first time setting foot into my first bar on Court Street. I waited in line at The C.I., my new form of identification shaking in hand, nervous I wouldn't find my way through the party crowd waiting ahead of me- I get it. However, for you first timers, I promise it's not that bad and it can be a lot of fun.

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