10 Tips to Saving Money During Your Night Out

Saving Money is Important!

You are a college student and your money is pretty important. After all, we don't really want to spend every free minute working a part-time job instead of getting "the college experience". All too often we go out and have a great night, only to wake up to our empty bank accounts. Luckily, we have some ways to save money when you go out again because every penny counts. 


Money-Saving Tip #1: Pay with Cash

Paying with cash allows you to notice exactly how much you are paying per drink, instead of simply putting it on your tab all night. This way you won't be mindlessly dwindling away your bank account, you'll actually be saving money. Here's another little something that could help you out, this way you won't forget to tip! When you leave a tip, you can become the bartenders friend which can get you a nice discount now and then. 

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Tips on How to Survive the Athens Bar Scene

I can easily remember my first time setting foot into my first bar on Court Street. I waited in line at The C.I., my new form of identification shaking in hand, nervous I wouldn't find my way through the party crowd waiting ahead of me- I get it. However, for you first timers, I promise it's not that bad and it can be a lot of fun.

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A Healthy Night Out On Court Street

To have a healthy night out on Court Street is very difficult to do. Some would say that it is impossible. I would agree with those people, but there may be some alternatives to a night on the town. Not that it is extremely healthy but it could easiliy save you a few bucks and you could feel better the morning after. These two startegies help me get through the night financially and socially. Many people go with these approaches too, as it works well for them and was big before spring break came. 

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