Food Shopping on a Budget

The first year or two of college is great for most of us when it comes to food. We get that wonderful meal plan where we can go to those amazing buffet dining halls which will grow old quickly but we will someday miss. It's around your second or third year of college where you lose the meal plan and have to venture forth to the grocery stores to find and then prepare the food for you to eat. You find to realize that what you want and what you need from the store become a lot more aparent when you have no money. There are ways that will help you while you're ballin on a budget.
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Athens' Best Lunch Deals For Each Day Of The School Week

As a busy college student, I just don't feel like cooking all the time and I believe many other people can relate. However, I sometimes find myself getting frustrated when trying to figure out where to eat around Athens. There are so many restaurants to choose from and I don't have the time to pour over my options.

With only a small budget to work with, I am often looking to find a decent option that is cheap and can keep me full. However, I am done with settling for an average meal! I can't tell you how many times I've found myself picking a generic option like Wendy's or Subway, only to walk down the street and see an amazing lunch deal for something much better than what I had eaten. Then to add insult to injury, I try to go back to that restaurant with the great deal only to realize it's the wrong day and I miss out again. 

To help us all take advantage of the specials Athens' restaurants have to offer, I put together this list for what I consider to be the best lunch deal for each day of the week. Keep reading to find the specials you want to take advantage of and which one you think is the winner of the week!

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