Watch: Four Dorm Recipes That Make Healthy Eating in College Easy


Healthy Eating Dorm Recipes Video

Have your residents been feeling stressed lately? Do you want to do something to cheer them up and remind them of their sense of community? Is it exam week and you need a snack to stay sane? In this post we will provide you with four easy and delicious dorm recipes that make eating healthy in your dorm a breeze. 

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Guide to the Ohio University Dining Halls

Feeding Yourself 

The struggle to be real person is always hard.  Especially in a place so surreal, like Athens.  There’s rarely a time when you feel as though your life is completely stable because that’s just how college can be.  A part of that is feeling as though you’re constantly unprepared for real life tasks.  A lot of people when they come to college truly have no idea how to do things like laundry, dishes, or even boil water.  THAT’S OK.  Just like the overpriced classes you’re taking: you’ll learn how to overcome in no time.  That being said, you have a unique opportunity to learn from someone who, just like many others, didn’t know how A LOT of shit upon arriving at Ohio University. I’m going to take you through some very basic, but vitally important tasks and responsibilities every student should become familiar with.

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Ohio University Vegetarian RESTAURANTS


  • If you have landed on this page, you are probably a vegetarian in who just arrived in Athens, OH and are looking for a place to eat. At Ohio University vegetarian lifestyles are not always easy to accomodate. We have all been there, visiting or moving to a new place and not knowing the go to spots to eat. Well that's where VegOUt comes in to help! This blog is designed to help new comers who want to try new local food from Athens. But if you're not feeling adventurous, we totally understand, we also list the several franchises located here with the vegetarian friendly menu as well!  
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Dieting at Dining Halls

Dealing with the strenuous experience of college, eating healthy can help you manage homework, classes, and jobs. Felling overwhelmed is something we all deal with especially when starting at a new school, it’s easy to loosen your diet by skipping out on dinning halls and turn to ordering out.

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How to get the most out of a tight College budget

Are you that typical college kid that always seems to have no money, but want to go out more than just one night a week, and are tired of seeing your friends go out all the time, and have FOMO every night you can’t go out well all you have to do if follow these few tips about budgeting and you can go out more the Johnny Manziel.

Being in college for most people is very expensive and is the start to an expensive debt bill when you graduate college and enter into the workforce. A degree is something that is very important now days to get a good job, unfortunately they can be very expensive but if you are smart and plan a budget you can live the college life, and get the college degree and be less in debt than the majority of your peers.

Look for deals

Most people's average nightly budget is around $20, or at least that’s what I spend on a typical night out and I usually pay 2-3 dollars per drinks so I can get anywhere between 6 and 10 drinks depending on what I buy. So if you want to go out more nights go to happy hours where drinks are half price, which would allow you to go out twice as much. Same things go for food, look for restaurant that have deals and choose to eat a certain place only on the days they have deals. Also take advantage of anything free, many organizations or groups will have free food at meetings, or events to encourage people to go so take advantage and go get that free meal.

Be disciplined with your college budget

The key to being successful and having a good budget is to be self-disciplined and stick to your set budget. Once you set a budget find ways to stick to that budget or even spend less than your budget if possible. Try to put money back in a safe place or bank account that can’t be touched, or find a way to make your money hard to get to so it’s not easily accessible. People tend to spend more money if its easily accessible, so if you make your money hard to get to then in the long run you will save more and more money.

There are multiple ways to save money, but if you follow these two basic rules after you graduate college you will be less in debt than your peers. This will also translate to your habits as you grow older which will allow you to be more financially independent.

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Food Shopping on a Budget

The first year or two of college is great for most of us when it comes to food. We get that wonderful meal plan where we can go to those amazing buffet dining halls which will grow old quickly but we will someday miss. It's around your second or third year of college where you lose the meal plan and have to venture forth to the grocery stores to find and then prepare the food for you to eat. You find to realize that what you want and what you need from the store become a lot more aparent when you have no money. There are ways that will help you while you're ballin on a budget.
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Athens' Best Lunch Deals For Each Day Of The School Week

As a busy college student, I just don't feel like cooking all the time and I believe many other people can relate. However, I sometimes find myself getting frustrated when trying to figure out where to eat around Athens. There are so many restaurants to choose from and I don't have the time to pour over my options.

With only a small budget to work with, I am often looking to find a decent option that is cheap and can keep me full. However, I am done with settling for an average meal! I can't tell you how many times I've found myself picking a generic option like Wendy's or Subway, only to walk down the street and see an amazing lunch deal for something much better than what I had eaten. Then to add insult to injury, I try to go back to that restaurant with the great deal only to realize it's the wrong day and I miss out again. 

To help us all take advantage of the specials Athens' restaurants have to offer, I put together this list for what I consider to be the best lunch deal for each day of the week. Keep reading to find the specials you want to take advantage of and which one you think is the winner of the week!

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Athens' Pocket Pleasing Pizza Deals

According to studies done by companies like Grubhub and Bustle, pizza is consistantly among the top 10 most ordered foods on college campuses across the nation. Here in Athens, it seems to be no different. With over eight different pizza options within walking distance, and even more in the surrounding area, it's no secret that Ohio University students like their pies just as much as the next school. Being that there are so many options to get your pizza fix, I'm here to assist you with the same question that always pops up...Which one?!

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