Balancing Your life

College Life Struggles:

You're not the only one that is struggling to juggle homework, eating healthy, and going to the gym. This blog will give you some tips on how to better your lifestyle while in college.

Most college students figure that they don't have enough time or money to eat and workout as much as they would like. I have 3 tips that will help any college student on their journey to keep that spring break body all year.


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Four kinds of magic fruits and vegetables that can Loss weight

For many food goods are concerned, weight loss is very painful, can not eat their favorite food, there is not any way to diet can lose weight? The key to lose weight is to control diet, it is necessary to understand what is diet food and calorie , diet food with a reasonable eating can also become thin. So, what are four magic food for lose weight? Here we take a look at in detail, hoping to help you.

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What to eat post workout

This blog will help those who are looking for the perfect post work out meals after different types of exercising. We will give you post workout meals that are best after cardio, lifting, HIIT workouts, and sports. Your body is a powerful tool and its up to you to keep it performing the most efficiently. Many pro athletes have some of these same caloric based meals after a work out in order to regain all the essential protiens, fats, and nutrients that they lose during intense training sessions, games, or personal workouts. Now you can be like them and train just as professional athletes do without the personal trainer. These 5 delicious post workout meals will help you make gains in the gym without breaking the bank.

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