Watch: Four Dorm Recipes That Make Healthy Eating in College Easy


Healthy Eating Dorm Recipes Video

Have your residents been feeling stressed lately? Do you want to do something to cheer them up and remind them of their sense of community? Is it exam week and you need a snack to stay sane? In this post we will provide you with four easy and delicious dorm recipes that make eating healthy in your dorm a breeze. 

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Ohio University Vegetarian RESTAURANTS


  • If you have landed on this page, you are probably a vegetarian in who just arrived in Athens, OH and are looking for a place to eat. At Ohio University vegetarian lifestyles are not always easy to accomodate. We have all been there, visiting or moving to a new place and not knowing the go to spots to eat. Well that's where VegOUt comes in to help! This blog is designed to help new comers who want to try new local food from Athens. But if you're not feeling adventurous, we totally understand, we also list the several franchises located here with the vegetarian friendly menu as well!  
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Exploring Athens Food Trucks


With in the last two years Athens, Ohio has seen a spike in food trucks and the variety of food options to go along with the trucks. Around Athens it is common to see food trucks on West Union, off of Court Street, outside the BP, and even at the top of Morton Hill. With the new Foodie Finds app, you can look ahead of time to see who is out on the street, and also the deals they are offering. It is our goal to make finding food with deals that much easier for you.

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