Top Teas for Caffeine Alternatives

There has been many times where we just have had too much coffee. It gives us the shakes, it upsets our stomachs, we suffer from withdrawals; but alas, we suffer through because we need our caffeine. Today I'm going to list the top tea alternatives to drinking coffee that include all the energy and none of the crash. (Did we know that we could have had it so easy this whole time?)

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What's the deal with matcha tea?

Coffee is a huge part of my daily routine. Long days means that caffeine is a necessity. However, sometimes I get a jittery and anxious when I drink a lot of coffee. When this happens I usually opt for green tea, although it never gives me the energy boost that I am looking for. Recently a friend recommended matcha tea and so I decided to give it a try.

 What is it?

Up to this point I had no Idea what matcha was. I learned that it is a finely ground powder green tea. One of the major differences between regular loose leaf tea and matcha is that when you drink (or eat) matcha you are consuming the entire tea leaf, as opposed to brewing the tea and then disposing of the leaves.

 My experience

Trying matcha for the first time was strange, I’ve really never had anything like it. I ordered a matcha chai from Court Street Coffee.

Initial reaction: Wow, this is really, really, really green.

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