A Healthy Night Out On Court Street

To have a healthy night out on Court Street is very difficult to do. Some would say that it is impossible. I would agree with those people, but there may be some alternatives to a night on the town. Not that it is extremely healthy but it could easiliy save you a few bucks and you could feel better the morning after. These two startegies help me get through the night financially and socially. Many people go with these approaches too, as it works well for them and was big before spring break came. 

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3 Benefits of l-theanine and caffeine for the busy college student


Ah, the college student.  Never before have you been more stressed out and sleep deprived, and it's almost seemingly impossible to balance academics with every other facet of your life.  (without having a nervous breakdown).  Like many others, I frequently rely on caffeine in order to muster up the energy to get things done.  The problem is that caffeine frequently leaves us feeling jittery or on edge.  There has to a better way! There is, and its called l-theanine.  L-theanine is a naturally occurring substance that counteracts the anxious feelings that are sometimes associated with that morning cup of coffee.  It works synergistically with caffeine in order to make you laser focused, yet relaxed.  It occurs naturally in some forms of tea, but adding it to your coffee or taking a pill will work more effectively.  Other benefits are below.

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Late night tips to sober up !


Have you ever gone out and had a few to many to quickly and feared that you may be to drunk. Well fear not, here are some quick steps to help you sober up. Along with the step is a list of drinks that are; safe, healthy, alcohol and caffeine free.

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4 Healthy Foods to Cure Your Hangover


Long night out at the bars?

We all know the struggle the morning after. Especially those of us at Ohio University where theres not much to do other than hang out at the bar after a long day. On those mornings after, it's hard enough to even get out of bed let alone think about eating healthy food. For me, eating clean is important and I don't want to break that just because I'm hungover and in pain. 

You may be craving carbs, grease with a side of more carbs, but that'll only end up making you feel worse. Not to mention ruin all the hard work you've put in at the gym. While theres no miracle cure for a hangover, getting the right nutrients the next morning will definitely ease your pain and give you more energy. 

Try these recipies that include healthy foods to cure your hangover, power you through the rest of the day and taste amazing!

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 Healthy Foods to Cure Your Hangover:

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