Ways to get involved in college


Looking to become more involved and get the most out of your college experience? Come visit us at the Campus Involvement Center!

The goal of the Campus Involvement Center is to provide meaningful, high quality out-of-class opportunities through programs and experiences that foster:

  • practical appication of classroom learning
  • the development of healthy lifestyles including low risk choices
  • participation in student organizations
  • involvement and service in Athens and the greater community 

Character. Community Citizenship. Civility. Commitment. 

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Finals Week Means Hell Week

Let's be honest, no one likes to study. In fact, i'd say that most people dread it. However, when it comes to being a college student, studying is inevitable and during finals week it's crucial. Going into college, you learn that the most important time isn't just finals week, but the week and days before it begins. The days you have to study.

Towards the end of the semester, I often find myself getting burnt out with zero motivation to even go to class. Regardless of my lack of motivation, I really care about my grades, well, I care about passing -- (C's get degrees). So when it comes to Finals Week, I like to finish strong and give myself a reason to celebrate. Here are some study tips to help you come out on top at the end of finals week.

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How to be More Active with a Busy Schedule


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