How-To Cook on a college budget: Pasta Night

Italian Night! 

Hi! Today is your lucky day because you have a true Italian here who's ready to show you how to cook one of the best pasta dishes! Coming from a huge Italian family, I grew up eating pasta. My mom and my grandma would be in the kitchen for hours and all I did was sit on the couch waiting (impatiently) for what I could smell was a great dinner! I was always asking "Is it ready yet?" then when it was, sprinting to the stove to make my plate.

Being away from home is always so hard especially when it comes to your moms cooking. We are college students who barely have any money and barley any time to cook for ourselves. But we all need a good home cooked meal once in a while right? Well in our blog, you will get just that, but even cheaper! You will find all kinds of recipes that are simple to make and extreamly cheap to buy.

Tonight, I am going to show you the closest meal you'll get to you
r moms "Italian Night." Except it will only take you about 15 minutes to cook. Pasta A La Vodka. A crowd favorite! All you'll have to do is go to Walmart or any super market near you and purchase two items. The first is the pasta (Barilla), which can be anything you prefer whether its spaghetti, springs, bow ties, shells, etc. Then in that same isle, you will find a few different brands of vodka sauce. My personal favorite and the cheapest one is Newman's Own. Then that's it! Next you can go checkout and your total will only be around $4.50! Now head home so we can get to cooking!



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How-to cook on a college budget: double pan chicken

Double Pan Chicken

Got the craving for a warm home cooked meal but don't want to break the bank? Your search is over, with this simple and easy to follow recipe you, your friends, and even your parents will be asking for seconds.  With this recipe you will be doing your taste buds and your wallet a favor.  Below you will find the recipe, cost, and instructions on how to prepare this meal.

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How-To Cook on a College Budget: Chicken and Yellow Rice

Missing your Mother's cooking?

Every college student hits that point in the semester where Kraft macaroni & cheese or peanut butter and jelly are no longer satisfying the taste buds and you just want to eat what your mother use to make. Meals that fill you with that warm feeling of home. For as long as I can remember chicken and yellow rice has been a popular meal at our household. In just four easy steps I ill teach you how to create this homestyle dish for less than $20! 

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