How To Prepare For An Interview

Ever felt incredibly stressed and unprepared for an interview? We've all felt that way. The Comfy Girl Boss is here to help put your mind at ease. Pre-interview jitters are normal. It's safe to say that everyone has felt a little shaky before a big job/internship interview. We know exactly how to prepare for an interview and we intend to share this info with all of our fellow girl bosses out there! We've come up with a few crucial steps in order to convince the interviewer you're a perfect fit and land that big internship. From dressing the right way to following up afterwords, these 5 interviewing tips will help you absolutely kill an interview and potentially land your dream internship. Here's what you need to do:

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How to land your first job


Senior year is a year to remember, you are finally a senior and hopefully your class load is lighting up. While trying to balance getting good grades for your last year, you are also trying to land your first job after graduation. After reading this blog post you will ebe on the right track to landing that first job. You are going to learn what to put on your resume, as well as what you shouldn't put on your resume. You will learn how to write a proper cover letter that will grab the readers attention. You will also get a few pointers on using your social media. Lastly you will learn how to optimize your LinkedIn.

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