Ways to get involved in college


Looking to become more involved and get the most out of your college experience? Come visit us at the Campus Involvement Center!

The goal of the Campus Involvement Center is to provide meaningful, high quality out-of-class opportunities through programs and experiences that foster:

  • practical appication of classroom learning
  • the development of healthy lifestyles including low risk choices
  • participation in student organizations
  • involvement and service in Athens and the greater community 

Character. Community Citizenship. Civility. Commitment. 

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Get Involved Your Freshman Year

So you are now a freshman at Ohio University. You are officially moved into your dorm and have all of your classes scheduled and you are ready to take on the college experience. After a few weeks of going class, you might find yourself bored and looking for something to do outside of the classroom besides homework. The solution to that problem is to GET INVOLVED on campus. Getting involved on campus at Ohio University is a great way to broaden your horizons and give yourself more opportunities to meet new people and experience new things. "But how do I get involved on campus?," you might ask. Well, you my friend, are in luck. In this blog you will find 3 major ways to get involved on campus here at Ohio University!  

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