Hey Comms Majors: Find Your Calling in Marketing with a Media Degree

What happens when you cross a highly motivated college student with one of the top media studies/journalism schools in the country? Well, you get a dynamic, overachieving, ever hungry Scripps Star!

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Attracting Students to your Organization

Why Attracting Students to your Organization is Important

More and more it is important for students in a collegiate setting to become involved in extracurricular activities in order to enhance your skills in abilities in your particular field. While some students may be able to go forward with a solid GPA, or a select body of work, it seems as though employers are now focusing on what you do outside of your classwork. So students must join these clubs and do what they can to be involved within the organisation they select. Now how does any club reach out to students in a way that will transition students from being interested into fully dedicated members. From my time in Student Alumni Board, I have gained an understanding of what organizations need to do to begin attracting students to your organization.

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Running towards Nike

As my time here at Ohio University is coming to a close, the burning question that everyone wants to ask arises; what do you want to do now? Since I’m graduating in December of 2015 I still have some time to decide where I want to start my career path, so my close relatives and friends can stay off of my back for a little while. When people do ask, I tell them that my ultimate dream job is to work for Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

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