About me: Molly Harrigan

My name is Molly Harrigan. I am in my senior year here Ohio University and I will be graduating in May. Thinking about what comes after I graduate is something that I am trying to avoid as long as possible. Whenever I come across a Freshman I always become jealous and tell them that these next four years will be the best years of their lives. I am sure they are sick of hearing that from every senior they meet!

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All About Tracy Keck...

I'm a senior Communication Studies major Marketing and Advertising minor's. While at Ohio University I have been involved in College Against Cancer/Relay for Life OU for four years and National Communication Association Student Club (NCASC) for three years and I am currently serving on the exec board for the 2014-2015 year as club treasure. While at Ohio Univeristy I have met some of my best friends and together we have made some amazing memories. When that dreaded day in May comes around this year and I have to pack my bags and depart the lovely town of Athens there will be tears of sadness. After all its not four years its for life. Upon graduation I plan to move to Chicago, Illinois. I have many areas of interest human resources, public relations, event planning, marketing, and advertising. I would be more than happy to work in any of these fields in the Windy City! As scary as it is to leave the place I've called home for four years I am excited to see what my future has in store for me.

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About me: Derek Macierowski


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"Luxurious" Life of Alexis Lurie

About Me-Alexis Lurie

I am from the great city of Rocky River, in Cleveland Ohio, and I have lived there all of my life. I played soccer up until my senior year of school. Hockey is a huge part of my life, especially since my brother has played his whole life and also on the Ohio University Division Two team for a two years. I am slightly obsessed with my dog champ, my friends think I'm crazy, but he's too adorable. I am also a family girl; family is key. I would't be the person I am today without them.

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How to Land Your Dream Job

1. Keep an open network and ask around

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10 Current Jobs in the Sport Industry that Deals With Social Media

In the Sports Industry world their are countless of jobs to apply for when looking into the industry. They can range from being a part of the ticket and sales staff to a commissioner of the franchise. With the increase of social media use in 2010 (which you can see on the graph below) even more jobs had been created in the industry to manage the social media accounts for companies. The tasks that the sport industry say you need to for fill when you have the job are: define and execute a social media strategy, tracking metrics and monitoring relevant conversation, understand how paid, earned and owned social media involve and amplify one another, develop presentations, proposals and case studies, and analytical expertise in assessing social media trends and experience using social media analytics tools. With these task you have to ask your self the questions how do you influence an audience, what is my social media strategy, what is my ROI in my plan, and how do I keep ahead of competition and new technology.

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