Places for Live Music in Athens

Picture a typical night out at Ohio University. Maybe you're getting ready with your friends, having a few drinks, and listening to the Top Hits playlist on Spotify. You decide to venture out to Court Street around 11:00 p.m. and post up in one of your favorite bars, let's say J Bar. The music is bumping while your most aggressive friend elbows their way up to the bar to grab drinks. You recognize that same chart topping song, drowning out the crowd, that you were listening to just hours before.

Now don't get me wrong, I love J Bar as much as the next bobcat. Plus, Listening to current pop music definitely brings out my "best" dance moves, but sometimes I don't want my night to feel typical. I want to change up the scene a bit. Some nights I'd rather sit back and watch a great musician perform. If that interests you (even just a little) then keep reading to discover five great places for live music in Athens, Ohio. 

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Best Places To Discover New Music


There is so much to discover. Music is being added to the internet by the 1000's every single week (100,000 songs per year to be exact). So there is really no way you can hear everything that is released on a constant basis... luckily, music streaming services have taken notice, and provided us with programs designed exactly for discovery of the music we enjoy.

We have put together a list of the popular services provided by the largest media streaming companies and information on how to access them.
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