5 Quick and Cheap Eats for Busy Ass Business Cluster Students

Ohio University Business Cluster Students are known for spending late night's in Alden and  ordering food to the library to save time. All this eating out can add up. Here are five of the hottest deals on Court Street that are sure to fill you up while saving you some cash!

Biggest Value: Wendy’s 444

The Wendy’s 4 for 4 was made specifically for college students who are broke, hungry and in a hurry. For only $4 you can stuff yourself with loads of fried deliciousness. This deal comes with a drink, sandwich of your choice (Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, Crispy Chicken BLT or Double Stack), chicken nuggets and fries! You can also treat yourself after all of your hard work by substituting the drink for a delicious chocolate frosty.

Not only are you saving cash, you’re saving time. Wendy’s prime location is extremely convenient for students grinding out business reports at ~Club Alden~ or Copeland. Wendy’s on Court is open late which is ideal for any Cluster student. The best part about this is that Wendy’s usually has your food out within seconds (it is called fast food).

Clusterf$#% rates this deal as the best bang for your buck due to the low price, large amount of food and quick service.

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Ohio University Global Consulting Program: Why You Should Attend

After graduating from college, young professionals find it difficult to diversify themselves from one another. Luckily for Ohio University students, there are study abroad programs that do the job for you. The Ohio University Global Consulting Program offers applied business experience, cross-cultural immersion and global leadership business skills development unlike any other. 

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