3 Tips to Help Students Graduate from Ohio University

Students at believe Ohio University is a wonderful place. To them it is a place full of fond memories and beautiful bonds they have created over the years. There is a certain pride each bobcat owns and will be shown if asked what they thing about their college. But, a lot of this pride comes from the fact that people come here to better themselves for a career in a profession and they are on their way to achieve it or already have. If these two cases are not you and you are thinking you could use some help with graduating from Ohio University then I have 3 tips that can really help students graduate from Ohio University.

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Dressed for Success: How to stand out at a Career Fair

Career Fairs can feel extremely overwhelming, with hundreds of potential employers waiting for you to tell them why they should hire YOU. As daunting as they seem, they can be an incredibly useful resource for college students looking for internships or post-graduation jobs if you are prepared.

Dress for Success

The first thing the company representative will notice is how you are dressed. Professional clothing is a must. Also, bring a folder or some sort of organizer to keep copies of your resume and business cards. A pen is always a great thing to have on you, so that you can make notes on any materials you are given by companies. Making small notes on business cards will remind you of your interaction after the event. If you're looking for tips to improve your resume, see our post titled Hire that Bobcat: Tip by tip to make yOUr resume stand out

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Ghosts on the bricks: A Haunted Itinerary

Ghosts on the Bricks - A Haunted Itinerary 

This is your all inclusive guide to a haunted Athens Halloween. The guide will give you an in-depth look at all of the haunted locations around Athens, Ohio. Ohio University is said to be one of the most haunted college campuses in the world. We'll begin slow with mild haunting tales and work you up to intense horror stories. If you are easily frightened you have been warned! 

We'll start you off with an exploration of Old Man's Cave, followed by The Ridges Asylum for the Insane, and leave you with the hauntings of Wilson Hall. 

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3 Alternative Journalism Student Orgs at Ohio University

If you are a journalism or media major, or maybe just a student looking for a organization that caters more towards your needs & interests, there are plenty of options available. Ohio University has around 500+ student organizations, one of which is sure to be focused on your specific interests.

Below are three student organizations that stand out in the Scripps College of Communication for their focus on specific topics, their unique & engaging content, and the standards they hold for high quality. In no particular order, below are three OHIO special-interest student organizations that are exceptional at doing something different.

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dining halls at Ohio University

You are in your freshman year and you have finally realized that you can no longer sustain on microwave meals, cereal, and those awesome care packages from back home. It’s time that you brave the dining halls. Lucky for you, there are options when it comes to culinary services at Ohio University! And don’t worry, we promise they are not as bad as you may think. Here is a first-hand experience guide on dining halls.


Best weekday drink specials

So, you're a broke ass college student and you like the bar scene. WOW, great combination! I've bet you even woke up the next morning with an empty wallet or a low bank account. So that twenty dollars your parents just transferred over for "food" (sorry mom), isn't going to get you through the weekdays at the bars!

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3 Clubs to push you into an active lifestyle

It's the question no one wants to answer...

"When was the last time you worked out?". I remember as a freshmen in college, spending hours a day trying to stay on top of all my school work but never finding the time to work on my health. Aka, going to the gym. For some it's weeks since they've been to the gym and for some it's months but regardless for a lot of students it's not as frequent as it should be.


Whether the problem is time management, laziness or lack of exercise knowledge, we all are guilty of slacking on the gym at some point. However, what most of these students don't know is there are organizations to help them get into a more active lifestyle. Joining fitness clubs and organizations can help students to become more accountable for taking care of their health, as well as gaining confidence and becoming a more motivated individual.

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Ways to get involved in college


Looking to become more involved and get the most out of your college experience? Come visit us at the Campus Involvement Center!

The goal of the Campus Involvement Center is to provide meaningful, high quality out-of-class opportunities through programs and experiences that foster:

  • practical appication of classroom learning
  • the development of healthy lifestyles including low risk choices
  • participation in student organizations
  • involvement and service in Athens and the greater community 

Character. Community Citizenship. Civility. Commitment. 

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How To Complete The Court Street Shuffle

The infamous shuffle of court street. It's something we all want to take part in, whether or not you actually finish is another thing. There are many types of shuffles you see going on in Athens on any given weekend. 21st celebrations, graduation shuffles, themed shuffles and the "last minute" shuffle. For the unexperienced, figuring out how to put together a group for a shuffle might seem intimidating but it's not! A shuffle can never go wrong.