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Terrence Greene | Athens, Ohio 

As a Senior here at Ohio Unviersity in the College of Business, I have experienced multiple classes that teach you how to be professional in the business world. But enlgiht of all these courses I still found myself puzzled and confused on how to create a brand through social media to build a solid professional image. If you are someone like me who has experienced this situation and want to find a soultion, Bobcat Bundle is here to help. We are going to give you 5 easy tips to make your Linkedin Account All-Star status.

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3 reasons for Studying in America

Studying in America

There are several reasons that support my decision to study in America. American university education cultivates a personal capacity to succeed at mobilizing the potential of personal study and research, which assists in talent development and is undoubtedly very beneficial. I have three reason for studying in America.

Firstly, America has a long history of education, which means that they have professional experience about education. For example, Harvard University was established in 1636, and it is one of the best universities in the world. In addition to Harvard, there are also a lot of universities that have more than two hundred years of history. All of this experience allows them to know how to create value for students.

Secondly, American universities are characteristic. When students are accepted to a university, they do not need to determine their major, which means that they can enroll in a university without a specific major. It is very good for students. For some students, they do not know what they want to study, or they do not know what major is best for them, and they want to find the major that they are interested in. So, in America, students do not need to determine their major in the first two years. They can study some basic classes in the first two years in order to find what they like, and then they can determine their major. It is very different with China; in China, before students apply to a university, they must determine their majors, and it is very difficult to change in the future. Therefore, in China, most students study a major that they don't like, and they can do nothing. Moreover, in America, changing your major is very easy, so students can always study a major that they like.

Thirdly, in America, students can choose a class that they like, such as swimming. When a student determines their major, there are some classes that are required, but still have access to more classes that they choose depending on their interests. In China, all classes are set up by the university. In other words, students do not have the right to choose a class that they want.

Fourthly, in America, universities own the necessary supporting facilities, such as a swimming pool, gym, and advanced library. In an American university, students can enjoy the facilities and have a good experience in there.

Why have I chosen to study at Ohio University?

Ohio University is a great school, and it was established in 1863, which means that they have enough experience in education. Moreover, there are a lot of different majors that I can choose. Ohio University is in Athens that is a small town where there is a good learning atmosphere. If I study in a big city, I might not only focus on studying, or I would always want to hang out with my friends. Moreover, in Athens, it is very safe, 80% of people are students, for international students, safe is very important because we are not American. After I came to Ohio University, I like it here because the American students and professors are very friendly. Ohio University’s facilities are complete; there are swimming pools, big libraries, and Ping center. I am really enjoying studying there.

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