5 Quick and Healthy Recipes for Athletes


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30 Minute Easy and Healthy Cooking Recipes for the Busy Student

Why College Students?

As college students, it is difficult to find time to shower, let alone eat! We are trying to live a triple life - school life, social life, and work life. Between all of these activities throughout the day, we often eat out or grab something quick uptown because it is convenient. I know that everyone has went for the 4 for $4 inbetween classes at some point this semester as well as grabbed their favorite bagel at Bagel Street Deli. I'm sure most of us have waited the 25 minutes for our Chipotle burrito at the 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm rushes - wait, every hour is rush hour. Let's face it, the food from restuarants also tastes better then what we can cook, but this food is not factored into our Shively bi-weekly paycheck.

I am the perfect example of this as I have spent hundreds of dollars this semester just on food! I am totally regretting this now and have decided to take a different approach for when my days are jammed pack. If dropping that much money on food isn't enough, Christmas is just around the corner, and I've promised my nephew a new sports jersey that is not cheap.

Game changer - What if we could cook delicious, quick meals in under 30 minutes?  Well, we can! Cooking these meals saves money and calories, and you can use the leftovers for other meals throughout the week. Following these recipes listed below as an example and squeezing them into our schedules when going from Copeland to Schoonover all day can benefit us greatly. We can save our bank account, save calories, and still save the delicious taste we get from restaurant food.

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