Linkedin: the resume of the future?

With the age of technology that we live in today, online resources used for career management and recruiting are becoming more prominent. More and more companies are straying away from the traditional paper resume and are now preferring to recruit through LinkedIn. So it is essential to have a LinkedIn profile now if you are looking for a career. This blog will provide useful LinkedIn tips on how to improve your LinkedIn profile in order to give you the best chance at landing your dream job.

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How to land your first job


Senior year is a year to remember, you are finally a senior and hopefully your class load is lighting up. While trying to balance getting good grades for your last year, you are also trying to land your first job after graduation. After reading this blog post you will ebe on the right track to landing that first job. You are going to learn what to put on your resume, as well as what you shouldn't put on your resume. You will learn how to write a proper cover letter that will grab the readers attention. You will also get a few pointers on using your social media. Lastly you will learn how to optimize your LinkedIn.

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3 Ways To Impress Recruiters With Your Resume

The job search can be one of the most challenging experiences that someone has to go through. Having a great resume is one of the main keys that will put you in front of a recruiter. During one of my classes my professor, who use to work in Human Resources, said that on average a recruiter would spend 5 seconds looking at a resume. These 3 steps are going to better your chances at impressing at first glance!

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