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Budgeting For Your Freshman Year at Ohio University 

Freshman year it is the first time you are out of your house  and away from your family. However, now as a freshman at Ohio University you have joined a new family whether you are aware of this yet or not, you are now a part of the Bobcat Family. We all know there are exciting small restaurants to try and even your new dorm roommate heard of exciting things happening on campus. One thing you begin to think of a few weeks after you have been dropped off is money.

The thing about it is we don't think about it until we have to, that is until we are running low or even out of money completely.  Below are 4 steps to starting your own budget that we are going to pass on to you. By passing on this wisdom from your older bobcat family members  we hope to help to know how to budget  in order to have a fun next 3 very short years living at your new bobcat family home.

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The Perfect Week - A Saga of Weekday Food and Drink Deals on Court Street

The Perfect Week - A Complete Guide to Court Street Food and Drink Specials


Weekend got the best of you?  Too bad because its time to begin your endeavour of your perfect week!  Get started early at the Overhang with $1.50 well vodka drinks all day long (For the eager, they open at 4 PM).  To ensure you don't pass out before the sunset we reccomend some food next, sadly Broney's Alumni Grill no longer offers $.50 wings however they still have a pretty well versed food deal with their, half priced apps menu from 4pm - 9pm.  Next, head up the street to The Pub for their MAUI FUCKING MONDAYS,  $2 Margs/Pub Punch/Maui Wowies and $1.50 Domestics so you can ball on a budget till your night comes to an end.


Ah Tequila Tuesday, AKA the start of the weekend for most OU students.  This is where the deals really start to roll in. Start out early at Courtside, they open at 4 PM with $2 coronas and margs.  If you want something a little more make a quick stop at Broney's for their $5 loaded margs and some $2 tacos to hold you over.  If you've got some knowledgeable friends with you I reccomend taking on Trivia Tuesday at Tony's and supplementing it with some chips and guac (also $1 PBR's all night for the not so trivial inclined).  Lastly head back to Courtside for their "LIT TUESDAYS" with different drink speacials every hour.  Sprinkle in some $1 well tequila shots throughout the night at The Overhang if there's any chance that you're still coherent.


It's hump day so you know what that means?!  Yup you're getting drunk again.  Head over to Courtside as soon as it opens so you can secure your spot in line for slice night - that's $.50 cheese slices and $.75 pepperoni slices, supplement all that grease with some $2 blue moons.  $5 Liquor Pitchers at Lucky's is gonna wanna be your next drink of choice suck one of those down quick to get the sugar and well liquor flowing in your system.  Next head down to The Overhang and take a few $1.50 well rum shots to really get your night started.  Stephens is the final destination here with their $4 Destroyers from 10 PM - close which equals out to 100% chance of a crippling hangover tomorow. 


Well some people are just getting ready to go out for the first time this week and you're on day 4 of your drink deal bender, I hope you're proud of yourself you definitely should be.  Reward yourself with something that might resemble a meal from back home at Lucky's with their $5 dollar chicken parm deal it comes with a salad and a ton of food to get your night started right (the alocoholics are gonna wanna get ahead of the game here with $1.50 drafts).  Next head down to The Overhang for their signature Brainstomper deal, they'll stop your brain for the low price of 2 dollars only on Thursays. Next head down to J Bar for quad night, the main event of the night.  DJ Ace will be playing the jams and you can get yourself $3.00 Rumple shots and double well drinks all night long.


Well if you made it this far, I'm a little disgusted.  Start with some food because you're going to need it Broney's should be your first move at 4PM for some more half priced app goodness.  Do it right on your last night and hit up Brick Break at Red Brick for $1 well everything, yes everything  this drink deal goes on from 7pm to 9pm.  Your Next stop by your favorite freshman bar The Crystal, try and dodge the underagers and score yourself some $2 vegas bombs and $3 long islands before it's too packed to move.  If your body isn't rejecting alcohol head all the way down to Courtside and treat yo self with a $2 crown shot, you deserve it.  

Court Street Checklist

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5 Ways to Save Money when Buying Groceries

Groceries are essential to everyday life. They can range from ingredients for a complex recipe to microwavable frozen food. For college students, in can sometimes be difficult to afford the necessities in addition to other expenses. However, it is still more affordable to buy food and eat at home instead of going out on a nearly nightly basis. To help you out in your quest to survive on a modest budget, here are five tips on how to save money when buying groceries:

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