When you first came to college were you overwhelmed and felt like a little fish in a big pond. Stress levels are alarmingly high for college students, not knowing what is coming next and constantly feeling overwhelmed.Colleges have noticed this, and created programs which help students adjust their life by creating teams, learning communities and other programs. One of those programs is club sports, it allows students to not only play a sport they enjoy but also be a part of a team. These sports provide many benefits to the student athlete that help them balance their collegiate life as well as preparing them for life after college. 

Time Management:

Many students struggle balancing their schedules with so many different things going on in their life. Joining a club sport aids you in managing your time wisely as opposed as wasting time during your day. It provides structure that you must follow in order to succeed. You will have set practice time, that you must meet. This will aid students not only in college to help them make better use of their time but also for after college, when you have a job and must balance between work, and other activities after work. This skill will be polished by the time you graduate after you have been playing a club sport for 4 years. You will have ample time to practice this ability throughout your collegiate life, between class, studying, and the large amounts of practice for your club sport. 


Coming into college the adjustment of a college workload overwhelms a lot of students. They are not used to the amount of reading, or being accountable for classes without the professor being over their shoulder. Club athletics provide another way to ensure you stay on task academically. Each sport has a GPA requirement that you must maintain to be able to play. If you don't maintain that GPA you could be suspended and not allowed to play your sport. This will help students immensely, since some kids slack off once they get to college. After college this will help because it will lead to more job opportunities, higher GPA = higher number of job opportunities. That is the biggest take away from playing a club sport in college, it can/will lead to a better job.


Once you land a job, more often than not you will work in a team or part of a team. Playing a sport makes you work together as a team to achieve a goal. This will help you enhance your ability to work in a team and help you prepare for life after college. Sports are a great way to practice this important skill which can lead to a better job after college.


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