Benefits Joining Greek Life

Just about every College or University in the United States has a greek life community. There are many negative stereotypes that are associated with greek life, especially with Fraternities. Every year we hear stories about fraternities getting suspended or even expelled from campus, for mostly "hazing" reasons. There is a finite group across the country that falls within this category. Every fall hundred's of incoming freshman whether it's male or female come into college make the decision to join greek life, and for what you may ask? the benefits joining greek life.

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Your Checklist to Making the Most of the Greek Life Experience

Congratulations. You've made the invaluable decision to go Greek, opening the doors to lifelong friendships, lasting memories, and a foundation to achieve your professional goals.

Now, where do you go from here? It's up to you to take opportunities and create the unforgettable Greek life experience.

During your time in your organization, check these items off your 'to-do' list:

1) Socials, socials, socials.

When you're starting out in your fraternity or sorority, you create close friendships with the people in your organization. What about the people in other Greek organizations? Socials are a great way to connect with others and learn about the Greek life culture.

Attend as many as you can, you never know who you'll meet. Socials give you the opportunity to meet other Greek members and, more importantly, have fun.

2) Stay up-to-date with events.

Even if you already attend your own organizational meetings and events, it's important to be in-the-know of all Greek life events on campus. Ohio University has over 30 fraternities and sororities, each of which are eager to connect with other Greeks.

Follow Ohio University's Greek Life Facebook to get updates on campus-wide events and philanthropies. The Greek life experience is all about building community, within your organization and throughout the entire university. Supporting other organizations shows your commitment to the community and helps build connections.

3) Try to hold a position.

Yes, being on the exec board or holding a chair position takes a some time and effort. However, the leadership experience teaches you skills that will help you achieve your professional goals. You will also prove to prospective employers that you can handle responsibility.

Taking on a leadership position in your organization gives you a voice and the opportunity to make a difference. You'll feel more connected to your chapter knowing that you've actively helped shape its future.

4) Take it further: Join a governing council.

Talk about a resumé builder! If you find success on your organization's executive board, consider a leadership position within an even larger scope. Ohio University has four governing councils that guide academic standards, recruitment policies, and philanthropic policies.

Check out the Governance page to learn more about how you can become involved. These councils carry national name-recognition and can open the doors to career opportunities after graduation.

5) Connect with alumni.

Reaching out to alumni of your organization gives you a chance to hear stories of their Greek life experience from years ago. They can give you advice and some insight into what to expect over the next several years of your college and Greek life experience.

Alumni are also a great resource for your professional goals. Many Greek alumni go on to achieve successful careers and can provide connections to job and career opportunities. Fellow Greek members are always happy to help each other out, so don't hesitate to utilize this resource.

6) Most importantly: Enjoy your Greek life experience.

Your college years pass by quickly, but will stay with you for your entire life. Don't look back and wish you could do it differently; look back and wish you could do it all again.



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Kevin Hurd: my life

Hello all. My name is Kevin Hurd.

Nothing I will say here can get you to know me as well as my Facebook probably could, but i'm going to try anyways. I am a Graduate Student here at Ohio University studying Sports Administration. One thing they don't tell you about grad school when you sign up is water will be replaced by coffee, quick. In fact, as I write this I have at least 500 mg of caffeine flowing through my body, so bare with me.

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