3 Slopes You Can Hit Right Now !

The Wait is Almost Over !

Attention skiiers, snowboarders, and adventurers... the wait is over!  Summer was too long for many of us and Fall couldn't be more of a tease.  Thankfully, Old Man Winter is right around the corner and comes with it as much powder any true snow sport enthusiast or adventurer can enjoy. 

Unfortunately, many of us can't quite ski or snowboard until as late as mid December. Luckily, there are plenty of pre-Winter destinations that are being taken advantage of right now. Throughout this post, I will outline 3 incredible winter taveling destinations that you can visit and have an amazing time.


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Four Reasons Playing a College Sport will Land You a Job

How nervous do you get when you’re about to enter an interview? Are you unsure of what to say to the recruiter? The market is incredibly competitive and standing out can be a challenge. But, as it turns out, playing a sport as a collegiate athlete will make a huge impact on you landing an offer.

The key is to position the skills you’ve learned while playing your respective game into an interview worthy story and knowing what you bring to the table. As a collegiate athlete, you’ve developed many of the
top skills employers are seeking. Now all you need to do is articulate your story with confidence and conviction.

 To aid you in this process, we’ve listed some of the top qualities you’ve developed while playing your sport that will make you a top-candidate for a job in your desired field.

Time Management

It is imperative for employers to know their future employee has the ability to manage time and priorities. In the real world, not being punctual can turn into the loss of your career. The good news for student athletes is that you’ve been learning to manage your time for years. Think about it, you practice your sport 10-15 hours per week, travel to your competitions, attend classes, study for exams and participate in extracurricular activities all while maintaining some type of social life.

 Being able to articulate your time management skills in an interview will be key to landing the job. Be sure to mention the hours you put into everything you do, but emphasize how much passion you have for what you do. This will impress the recruiter; because it’s one thing to be busy and it’s another to actually dedicate yourself to each activity you’re involved with.


Yes, being competitive is a good thing especially when on the career hunt. You never settle for less than your best and expect a lot out of yourself. You push yourself and others around you to rise to the top. This attitude is exactly what employers are seeking in a potential candidate.

Now, when we say to show off your competitive side we don’t mean walk into the interview arrogantly. Prove to the employer your competitive with an experience that demonstrated your ability to persevere and come out on top. For example, being down at the half, but leading your team to a win through a positive attitude.


The ability to work in a team tied for the highest ranked skill employers look for when hiring according to Zip Recruiter. You’ve been working with a team for as long as you have been playing your sport. You know it’s not always easy, but because of it, you’ve learned how to communicate with many different kinds of personalities in a competitive environment.

Think about an experience that demonstrates your ability to work in a team you can tell during your interview. For example, leading a team workout or practice. Make sure you’re results oriented when telling the story, this will be sure to impress the recruiter.


 Athletes are driven. You work hard at your sport to keep progressing to the next level and you never back down. Employers look for this attribute in potential candidates. But, proving you’re driven in a 30-minute interview can be challenging.

The key to proving this abstract skill is with real life proof, and your athletic career has given you that. Talk about how you achieved goals for yourself and team, plus all of the work that went into that. Doing this will pay off in the interview and make you a stand out candidate.

As you can see, playing in college, is sure to help you when applying for jobs and interviewing. The skills you gain are exactly what employers are looking for. Now you can be sure to be confident when entering interviews and know that your athletic experience will transfer over and land you that job.

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