3 Clubs to push you into an active lifestyle

It's the question no one wants to answer...

"When was the last time you worked out?". I remember as a freshmen in college, spending hours a day trying to stay on top of all my school work but never finding the time to work on my health. Aka, going to the gym. For some it's weeks since they've been to the gym and for some it's months but regardless for a lot of students it's not as frequent as it should be.


Whether the problem is time management, laziness or lack of exercise knowledge, we all are guilty of slacking on the gym at some point. However, what most of these students don't know is there are organizations to help them get into a more active lifestyle. Joining fitness clubs and organizations can help students to become more accountable for taking care of their health, as well as gaining confidence and becoming a more motivated individual.

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How to handle the stressors of being a student athlete

From the moment you first go to college, a giant wave of new responsibilities comes crashing over you. Not having your parents there to help you out with every step of the way is usually the first obstacle all college students have to face. You quickly realize that college won't be a walk in the park. All your parents and family members told you that college is the best time of your life and that you have to live it up. All that talk made you decide that you were going to join so many clubs and organizations. You become overjoyed when you find out that the sport you played all your life had a club team! You can’t wait to sign up and get back in the game. But right after the first practice you realize how serious it is and how much time and commitment is needed. You become and anxious about whether you’d be able to handle playing a competitive sport as well as do your best in school, after all you did come here for the well-known journalism school. It may be scary and stressful but you can definitely learn to handle all the stress and time management issues that arise! Read on to find out ways that help you deal with stress and live a happy life!

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3 Benefits of l-theanine and caffeine for the busy college student


Ah, the college student.  Never before have you been more stressed out and sleep deprived, and it's almost seemingly impossible to balance academics with every other facet of your life.  (without having a nervous breakdown).  Like many others, I frequently rely on caffeine in order to muster up the energy to get things done.  The problem is that caffeine frequently leaves us feeling jittery or on edge.  There has to a better way! There is, and its called l-theanine.  L-theanine is a naturally occurring substance that counteracts the anxious feelings that are sometimes associated with that morning cup of coffee.  It works synergistically with caffeine in order to make you laser focused, yet relaxed.  It occurs naturally in some forms of tea, but adding it to your coffee or taking a pill will work more effectively.  Other benefits are below.

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