Making money AS a student Athlete

College. Most of us have been there. We all know the struggle. Balancing academics, grades, sleep and a social life all at the same time, it can be challenging, but what about money? Chances are you might be attending on student loans. If you’re lucky enough, you might have a scholarship.

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Use a Planner, Change your Life


One of the most challenging tasks for a student athlete is learning how to effectively time managae and balance all of their responsibilities. The most efficient way to do exactly that is by using a planner(s) to keep organized. This article will show you how using a planner can get you started on the journey to effective time management. I will take you through a list of steps and techniques that I have found work best for organizing a busy, college schedule. 

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How to use Athletic Experience in a Professional Setting

After dedicating countless hours to your collegiate sport, it’s easy to forget what comes after the day we all dread: graduation. It’s very important to learn how to use your experience as a student-athlete to your advantage when applying and interviewing for jobs. You’ve gained several amazing skills throughout your athletic career, you just have to learn how to properly sell them in a professional setting. 


Here are three ways to use your skills to your advantage when searching for jobs.

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