How To Find Local Coffee Shops

Shopping local is a big deal, especially because big corporate companies are coming into small towns, and causing local businesses to close.

Those of us at The Traveling Mug believe that shopping local, and traveling, are two of the most important things in life, right after getting your daily caffeine fix. Below, you will find some tips on how to find local coffee and tea shops when you are traveling the world, near and far.

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Different Teas for Different Remedies

Believe it or not but some people prefer tea over coffee. This is especially true in other countries. China and India are the top tea consuming countries in the world. Not only do herbal teas taste delicious, many have health benefits and can help cure illnesses. Holding a cup of tea while sick is very comforting to many. These teas not only can comfort you, but they can also heal you. Tea is also a great caffeine alternative for those who don't drink coffee. An average cup of tea has around 26 mg of caffeine. Below are some different types of teas and the different remedies they can be used for.

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Top Teas for Caffeine Alternatives

There has been many times where we just have had too much coffee. It gives us the shakes, it upsets our stomachs, we suffer from withdrawals; but alas, we suffer through because we need our caffeine. Today I'm going to list the top tea alternatives to drinking coffee that include all the energy and none of the crash. (Did we know that we could have had it so easy this whole time?)

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