Use a Planner, Change your Life


One of the most challenging tasks for a student athlete is learning how to effectively time managae and balance all of their responsibilities. The most efficient way to do exactly that is by using a planner(s) to keep organized. This article will show you how using a planner can get you started on the journey to effective time management. I will take you through a list of steps and techniques that I have found work best for organizing a busy, college schedule. 

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Time Management Tips for Student Athletes

Sometimes time management can be extremely difficult, especially when you are a student athlete trying to excel in not only your respective sport, but in academics and in your social life as well. Throughout the course of your college career, you will notice that it won’t be a cakewalk, but if you stick through this article, you can gain some valuable insight to help you maneuver as you get into your collegiate athletic career.

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